Usual trick to fix pacman (could not satisfy dependencies)

Hi !
What’s your fastest trick to fix that kind of problems of dependencies during pacman updates ?

Reading update announcements.


Yeah, but in most general cases which approach is the most recommended to use ?

pamac ?

imho, I think, since this is Manjaro, user’s should consider Manjaro’s pamac. Since pamac uses the same library as pacman, it wouldn’t hurt to use either or both. Actually, since I’ve been using Manajaro this is the first time I recall seeing it recommended, and by @philm too. Where are these recommendations :slight_smile: It was recently updated to V10. This doesn’t mean everything will be perfect, but development is active and issues appear to be addressed rapidly. We know when pamac is being updated, I wish it was more clearly communicated when pamac is being downgraded.

I use pacman, but pamac for AUR packages, but others I know use only pamac.

Others had the same question.

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