Update: Pamac OR Pacman and which command?

Referring to the actual update (20210614) I’ve seen the issue with libcanberra and the recommendation, to use pamac pamac update.
Up to know, for the [Stable Updates] I used sudo pacman -Syyuu as described here. To learn about the pamac procedure I checked the wiki, which describes the command pamac upgrade -a. My questions:

  • What differences between pamac / pacman updates should I understand?
  • What is you preferred procedure?
  • What is the difference between pamac upgrade -a (Wiki) and pamac update (philm’s posting) and what is the preferred command?
  • For an AUR package there is an update available which I DE-selected on purpose in the graphical pamac 10.0.6-2. Is it safe to use pamac upgrade -a without updating this package?
    Sorry for the bunch of questions: You might see that I’m an absolute beginner …

Sorry to say, but this is described in the wiki, please don’t ask questions you could answer yourself by just reading the references you posted… :vampire:


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Please excuse me, I missed the green line

pamac update and pamac upgrade are exactly the same. You can use them interchangably.

Would apreciate answer for the other questions.

pacman is only for manjaro packages, for manjaro packages and aur you can use pamac, yay, paru, pikaur etc … (preference is personal)

for libcanberra, we can use all

aur is an another system, with his own life

In the past I read the forum recommendation to use for updates was usually:

Sudo pacman -Syyu

but recently I noticed the update announcement thread suggests using:

pamac update

Is the latter the default recommendation these days?

Sometimes an update with Pamac is recommended here because Pacman doesn’t get something done so easily and sometimes an update with Pacman works more easily. Both paths lead to the goal, sometimes easier and sometimes more difficult. Which way you want to go is up to you. :grinning:

OK, thanks. I’ll stick with pamac update where possible as it also does the AUR updates as well.