Updated: caught by surprise by the update to Plasma 6

I don’t think so. If you go to the Event Calendar page on KDE Store, you’ll see lots of users posting comments that it’s no longer working on Plasma 6.

Event Calendar is one plasmoid that might crash your desktop drastically if it’s not up to date. When I was using KDE Neon for my Plasma kick (now I’m on Artix), there was an update of Plasma that crashed the desktop (ie screen completely black except for the conky) and that was because I had not updated Event Calendar to keep it in sync with the Plasma/Qt version. I had to log into tty to remove the installed plasmoid from $HOME.

I’m doing without EC for the moment on Artix, but I keep an eye on the dev’s github page. I simply added weather conkies to the desktop in the meantime.

Nor do I, however it was worth pondering for two minutes. I maintain his best resolve is to find a replacement for the widget until event calendar is finally ready for Plasma 6.

This is certainly a better alternative than restoring a previous backup and not updating - a comment I’ve seen repeated a few times in various forms, in the last day.


It is not only Event calendar, Krusader also lost functionality, I can no longer access my NAS, it says protocol not supported.
I wonder what else I will discover that is no longer functional.

Edit: I just saw that in system settings, the part about kernel choice and system drivers is also missing.

Possible conflation?
ntfs ?

Just search for “Manjaro Settings Manager”. It has always had its own GUI. Previously the Manjaro devs were able to insert it in Plasma’s own settings, but now with Plasma 6 it will take more work to incorporate it back again.

urgh… does I’ve to do that anytime I go to tty?
until now I just logout and enter tty

IMHO the update manager (pamac/octopi) should warn if it is so important to use txt console during update. But they don’t.
I have used Manjaro for 5 years and updated during my daily work using Octopi. No problems. I was lucky or Manjaro did a good job? Maybe both, don’t know.
But it would be so easy to warn users that they do something wrong in the best place possible = software which does this update.


I tried the code in tty. However, it gives the following error after entering the second line:

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token ‘move’

Any idea on how to resolve this please?

I agree, and certainly when there is a major update like this with lots of breaking changes and things that are not finished yet.

The setting in mine had been changed to “Overview” - windows were laid in a stack, one above the other; I changed it back to “Present Windows” in the Mouse & Touchpad section (now at the top of the list) → Screen Edges part. Works exactly as before. I guess this is what you mean?

I didn’t and no issues (seen so far, anyway) apart from needing to add a new panel and reset a few of my preferences (tap-to-click back OFF, I don’t like it, etc.). That’s probably because I didn’t bother to clear settings, cache etc…

NB. I’ve had Plasma panels disappear in the past due to possible config issues (mainly when swapping displays in and out). That seems to have been fixed.

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You could use Timeshift.

Thank you for posting that info here. I don’t see it in the announcement thread.

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Which part? The suggestion to update via TTY is certainly there.

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No it’s not what I mean.

This is Desktop Grid.


On Plasma 5 you could set a hot corner to activate it. now you can only do that for overview.

This is present Windows - All Desktops


This is Present Windows - Current Desktop

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I want to say: to all above, thank you for all your explainations.

It sure is hard to grasp what is implied by actually thinking before acting on your computer, and how rolling-release cutting-edge Linux distros are supposed to be handled, especially for neophytes like me.

I’m sorry I was rude in the original version of my post, I had genuinly no idea what had just happened — and that it was partly my fault.

I’m looking forward to all the new stuff in Plasma 6 (as a matter of fact, it has already fixed one of my old problems related to gaming — but more about that in my other post, I’ll link my update there asap).



That’s not true. Arch is running here and the update to Plasma 6 has not broken or even disturbed anything.

Maybe there was just too much tinkering…

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In the end they didnt really change much.
Just the default session selection (xorg instead of wayland).
And updated some assets like “Breath” theme.
Theres not a lot of issues with plasma itself. Especially the most recent 6.0.5 (which because things were mentioned on Stable thread, ended up being fast-patched in on manjaro with 6.0.4-1.1).

Most ‘issues’ are really just the fault of things like themes, widgets, and failing to do things like clear cache.

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No, of course not. But given that you are now upgrading from Plasma 5 and the qt5-based version of sddm to Plasma 6 and pretty much qt6 for everything in the KDE Frameworks, it is wisest to temporarily stop sddm.

That is not the scope of those two applications. They are both GUI front-ends to the ALPM package manager. The Stable Updates thread is where the advice regarding the update is given. But of course, none of the people who should read it ever do. :man_facepalming:

It was a typo on my part — corrected now. The command should be mv, not move.

Thanks for noticing. :wink:

Yes, I’ve noticed that too, and the Overview won’t show your virtual desktops if they are arranged in more than one row or more than one column. I have two rows of six virtual desktops each, and it refuses to show those in the Overview.

You can however now use the Desktop Cube effect again and assign it to one of the hot corners. I suspect — and hope — that it will be possible to assign the Desktop Grid to a hot corner again in the foreseeable future. :wink:

What is nice however is that you can now bring up the Desktop Grid by way of Meta+G by default. :wink:

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ah, ok, I’m already on plasma6, I’ve installed one of the latest testing iso (240509) :partying_face:

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I recall seeing that mentioned sometime yesterday; it failed to leave an initial impression; but, this really is a distinct bonus.

With respect the GUI, I suppose the ongoing macOSification of both Windows and now Linux is something one must eventually accept; like those other injustices in life (death and taxes). I don’t (really) mind the macOS GUI that much, but I do much prefer it stayed with macOS (which I also use). :wink: