Updated: caught by surprise by the update to Plasma 6

I updated my system with pamac as usual this morning, but what happened it ruined my every Plama settings! My themes are gone, icons have been at best reset (at worst deleted altogether), SDDM, panels, everything seems ruined…
Even Konsave can’t restore my GUI settings, and most of the themes I had installed can’t be installed anymore, there are errors and they just won’t download/install.

I beg anyone who understands this to tell me if there’s another solution than starting all over from scratch

…is what I initially wrote: thanks to everyone on this thread for the helpful explainations.


Better study announcements first, next time you update:

If you would have made a timeshift backup you could revert to the old status, otherwise you have to learn how to manage Plasma 6.


Plasma 6 landed in stable so many themes and plasmoids from Plasma 5 may be incompatible. You need update them or find alternatives :wink:


…however, when you again update, KDE 6 will once again be installed - this can require that your previous themes etc be replaced by Qt6 / Plasma 6 compatible packages. This is similar to the situation when Gnome 4.5 was introduced, for example.

I should point out that if you had been monitoring the update announcements (which you have previously been directed to), these complications might have been avoided.

Here is the current announcement thread:

The default global themes should be updated automatically to Plasma 6 compatible versions. There are also a few compatible themes in the wild that might be worth looking at.

Here are two dark themes that @Aragorn linked to within the last few days - perhaps they are useful; Andromeda and Noir Dark:



Thank you, I did not notice that Plasma was upgraded to Plasma 6.

I understand now why this update was so violent with my settings…

Is there anything I can do to maximize my chances to find a nice, Plasma 6-compatible theme? Because when I browse Global Themes from the Appearance Settings most of what I see is old Plasma 5 themes – and I guess that’s why they don’t work anymore…

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This is an odd quirk I noticed with the explorer …
It seems to only be showing plasma5 extensions etc.
plasma6 goodies on store.kde.org are hidden.

You might opt to browse it manually, aside from what you might find in the repos.


In the next few hours you are going to be run over by the stable snap … brace for impact …


well afer update even standard panel is broken! no any icons not applications! Whey do exists, but, I cant see it and icons are blank… how its checked before release ?


Did you update your system from a tty while fully logged out of your Plasma 5 session, as per the announcement thread?

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no I did it with software center as usual update

Does the Plasma team expect every single user to check some website before each update?

I don’t know if it’s just me but today is the first time I hear about any-

And while I’m sure that’s something you’re supposed to know when you run Plasma… I’m also sure I’m not the only one who didn’t get the info in time and got caught by surprise – and experienced problems because of that…


Stable update is coming, congratulations to the Dev !





It is always recommended to update it from a tty, and especially so if there’s an update or upgrade for the GUI itself. The announcement thread even explicitly mentions it this time. :point_down:

Every bundled update to Manjaro Stable and Manjaro Testing always comes with a dedicated announcement thread under the Announcements category. The first post of said thread always details the changes, and the second post of the thread always lists the potential issues and how to solve them or work around them.



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Are you serious? I mean we should each update go to forum and check announcements? How is this convinient in this case must be some install script which will check and warn about it!!! I’ll bet many users will catch this issue. So what should do now? Completely reinstall the system or what? Why I have no errors if was so important to be log off? And why it so? Kinda pointless have the rolling distro if such thing happens. :face_with_peeking_eye:


The Distro is rolling, not your Desktop/Window Managers releases. Manjaro tried to ease the pain - you can be sure that such a breaking update would be even worse on pure Arch. I wonder: How should Manjaro have handled such a breaking update in your opinion?


I learned in spring of 2023 that not following the announcements will make KDE buggy, on Manjaro, but I guess it was the same for me on MX, not doing updates via tty.

Since then my KDE has been stable !! :man_office_worker:

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You don’t have to check or read anything, just don’t post “X not working” 20 minutes after the exact thing was mentioned in some announcements.

If you have weird problems with plasma (any time) then it’s time to reset plasma settings.

(this link was posted several times in past few months)

Using sane defaults, nothing broke on Arch and nor would it here.


Yes, very much so.

Yes, that’s exactly what you should do. Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution, and it’s pretty cutting-edge, so it’s not a set-and-forget distribution. A willingness to pay attention, to maintain your system, and to engage in manual intervention where needed is expected. If you cannot or will not commit to this, then perhaps Manjaro is not for you. :point_down:

No. Just log out of Plasma completely, log in at a tty, and then issue the following commands… :point_down:

sudo systemctl stop sddm
for i in ~/.config/plasma*; mv $i ~/.config/$i.bak; done
mv ~/.config/Trolltech.conf ~/.config/Trolltech.conf.bak
rm -rf ~/.cache/*
sudo systemctl start sddm

Log back in and set everything up from scratch again. I know it’s a pain in the hind side, but many of us have already had to do this a few times before when Plasma 5 went pear-shaped.

Because you are updating shared libraries — lots of them — that are in use already. This will mess up your Plasma configuration files. By running the update/upgrade from a tty, you are no longer using those shared libraries.

Furthermore, the update also includes an update to libpamac, which is the underlying library of your graphical package manager, and pamac is itself already quite unreliable. So you are upgrading your entire system with a package manager of questionable reliability which itself is receiving an update as well. That’s not just asking for trouble, that’s begging for it.

  • Easy way. update update manager for this. Have a big WARNING notice popup.
  • Proper way, do all steps which described in script, in shell, user not even notice.
  • How big guy do it in (IDEA for example) whey do checking all plugins before upgrade and show notice if something cant be updated and user can decide what to do.
    Next big question probably to KDE team… wtf is going on… I mean whey do release quite minor changes ‘advantages from minimum too not exist’ with completely broken system. Obviously system must have not only ‘user’ configs but also ‘user-distro-default-configs’ in this case all those stept will be with just remove whose configs and put new ones. And no pain at all. Maybe good to have some old ‘user’ config cleaner, but it doesn’t really matter much. :melting_face:
    I undrstood that my system is completely broken and beyond repair. Because some plasmoids just failed to upgrade…hm… nice. I can see no upgraded ISO also.

It is in the making and said to be released shortly.
I understand your anger. But see, right now you’re learning the most effective way, so use that energy from it, all I can add to it :wink: