Updated: caught by surprise by the update to Plasma 6

Not necessarily. UNIX is a multi-user platform, and there is a distinct difference between the system-wide configuration and the user’s own configuration. The latter is exclusively stored inside your ${HOME}

I’ve given you the instructions in my previous post for trying to salvage things.

The new ISOs are being worked on as we speak, but there is no need for a new ISO. Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution, and those ISOs are only snapshots, so that anyone coming onboard with Manjaro would not have too many updates to install after first installing their system.

i wish i found this thread earlier… I am in the middle of restoring my 2TB home dir. I rolled back with timemachine. Btw, if you have plasma5 widgets installed, you better delete them before upgrade. There is no way to do it once plasma6 is installed… at least through settings.

Isn’t it the same here? With the defaults, Manjaro provided theme upgrades etc, as far as I know.

Yes, I’m saying that people who are having problems do have heavily modified Plasma, i.e. custom themes, widgets, etc.

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yes… mine is heavily customized. I picked kde specifically because customization… if i wanted to have that taken away from me, i would go gnome.

But you are using XP customizations on win7. **

Thats not going to work. You can still customize things. But you need to use compatible stuff.

The difference between, ex:


** The differences are not as large. But if its unfamiliar to you, and the difference between metadata.desktop and metadata.json is esoteric. Then same difference. For a simple ‘download and apply’ it suffices to say ‘not cross compatible’.

Besides which. You should really really clear your configs/caches and probably start with default customization. To begin with.

This is a must see:


Well, but release wasnt any different from regular minor updates. I’m developer myself and cant recall any release without ‘forward’ compatibility this one is default and backward for rollback case also. I mean whole thing can be fixed with simple bash script which wasnt completely correct 'for loop definitely wasn’t but I’ve got the Idea and seems plasma works now! Seems like whole topic and huge amount of time will be saved it something like this script was part of the update.
Data migration interesting topic but this is on KDE team they just doesnt care as usual.


KDE didnt do anything to your data.

Where are emojis when you need them… :joy:

No idea why are you complaining then. Just write it and run it.

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I am not pleased with the big change to plasma 6.
Is there a way to roll back to plasma 5, because I want my widgets to work again ?
Or should I install an older version of Manjaro, and stop upgrading ?

+1 for this BIG KDE6 update.
-1 for all other release updates in the last 4 year’s… i only updated a few times with TTY and i regret it because it was always useless hassle and in addition one time, i had manually choose stuff where i was questioned around a sound system (or how that called) which Pacman told me to use (1) Default Ardour… which wasn’t really default.

I upgraded the same update on my Laptop with the pamac GUI, which choosed automatic the right sound system, which really was default.

There is no need to make live complicated for normal user’s, if they don’t have to.

Your best way forward is to replace your widgets with the Plasma 6 versions. If you cannot replace a particular widget, then you’re out of luck, I suppose. That said, a quick search with plasma 6 compatible widgets (or similar) as the search term might reveal some decent replacements.

I saw earlier mentioned that only Plasma 5 widgets are showing in get new results. I’m sure that will be updated soon enough; it’s a question of patience.

No, you should not install an older version of Manjaro and stop updating. :facepalm:
If you really have to ask that, all I can offer in return is:

If you wish to pursue this further; for example, if you would like some assistance or advice with updating specific widgets, please start (your own) new thread, and detail exactly what you hope to achieve. Doing this will allow others to help more effectively.


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Actually, even though I’ve needed quite a bit of time tweaking everything after the update — which in my case rewrote over 14 GiB of the software installed on this machine, so there was a lot more involved than just Plasma — the update went surprisingly well, and I do have a heavily customized Plasma. But then again, considering the weight of this particular upgrade, I went about it quite methodically.

Before updating, I removed and uninstalled all of the Plasma 5 widgets that hadn’t come from KDE themselves. I also switched the Plasma style, the window decorations and the application style to Breeze — sddm was already on Breeze, albeit with a custom wallpaper.

I then logged out of Plasma completely, rebooted, switched to a tty without logging in at the sddm screen, stopped sddm with systemctl, ran the update process, and rebooted again — I had already modified mkinitcpio.conf from beforehand, based upon what I had gleaned from the Unstable and Testing Update threads.

After logging into Plasma, I started switching back to the kvantum application style I had been using before, as well as my tried-and-trusted window decorations and Plasma style. And it all works!

This is of course not to say that I haven’t run into any bugs right away — hey Nate, I’ve got a couple of new 15-minute bugs for you! :stuck_out_tongue: — but it is important to note that these are bugs, not artifacts of my customized Plasma setup. And I’ve even brought ksysguard back to life, because some kind soul has ported it to qt6 and it’s available from the AUR. :wink:

So, lo and behold… :point_down:


The OP needs to be aware that across the board, I can’t think of a single distro that will delete configs or any files from the user’s $HOME as part of any update. I believe that it’s considered good practice not to touch people’s $HOME because everyone has different custom configurations, plus the user will have saved data there. It’s really up to the user to sort out their own user configs.

And when you use any Arch-based distro, that is supposed to run forever WITH REGULAR USER MAINTENANCE, you will experience various major changes to your desktop environment over the years.

It’s just inevitable that sometimes a major version change will mean older panel-applets, widgets/ plasmoids, shell-extensions, themes for various elements just won’t be compatible with newer versions of a DE. This is especially so if the custom element in question is created by a third party. Maybe that dev no longer wants to update and maintain their work, etc. Maybe the new DE version just makes a certain functionality not so accessible, etc.

Even my Manjaro XFCE install (running since 2015) finally had a crazy hiccup and the desktop crashed after an update last year. I couldn’t trace which config was the problem (so much stuff in the configs!) so I removed every single xfce-related configs, logged back into a vanilla desktop and reconfigured it from scratch.

Gnome and Plasma version changes always have the potential to cause much more problems than XFCE. For rolling distros, I always keep track of when major DE version upgrades are coming, and then before updating, switch all theming back to vanilla, remove [or at least disable them] 3rd party plasmoids or in Gnome, shell-extensions.

For Arch-based distros, I only update in terminal (though not tty). Has served me well in Artix (Plasma) and Anarchy (Gnome).


Yes, that is common sense of a user who knows his/hers system and which is repeated here ad nauseam. But as you can see plenty of Manjaro user base doesn’t care to check or read anything, until something unexpected (for them) happens to their system. Then they make sure to open forum thread and write something in the first 3 minutes.


I was expecting it. The sheer number of update file on both our computers was a give away.

Both upgrades went without ant real problems… May partners was straight forward, except some of her task bar icons were moved around, and apps didn’t start on the right virtual Desktop.

I lost mt desktop near the end of the update, but had access to the CLI, and made an educated guess as to when the upgrade had finished, by running pamac chechupdates.

Rebooted and everything came back, with similar cavaets, as above.

Of course my Desktop Grid is missing, sort of, I can’t access it using the active corner, but, as will all other Plasma 6 desktops Command + G gets it (I’ll find a work around, just in case The Developers decide that’s how we access the Desktop grid in future)

Otherwisw a successful upgrade.


Just a little reminder, that with xfce and cinnamon, there are two very slow-rolling full desktop managers in our portfolio, that should be taken into account for people who prefer variants that didn’t have big braking changes in a long time.

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I am out of luck, because the widget I like the most (event calendar) is not available for plasma 6.
On Github, I saw they are working on it to port it to Plasma 6, but I guess this will take some time, as it started 2 months ago and there is still lots of things to do.

Also Krusader is no longer fully functional, when I try to access my NAS, via Samba, it says protocol not supported.

In the mean time, I remember having setup timeshift a long time ago to do weekly backups, so I’ll try to restore the backup from last week, and hold off on the plasma 6 update until my widgets become available again.

I use Manjaro for a few years now, and I like that it is a rolling release with recent software, I started using it when I bought my new laptop, as at that time it was the only distro that ran well on it, because others like kde Neon or Kubuntu did not have the recent drivers for the new hardware.
But at this time the switch to plasma 6 leaves me wit too many breaking changes, so I’ll have to wait a bit until plasma 6 becomes a bit more mature.

Back in the days, I think the switch from KDE 3 to 4 took a long time to become stable, but I think plasma 6 will progress faster, so probably the wait will not bo too long I think.

It looks like it’s not ready (yet) Plasma 6 Event Calendar.

A better strategy would be to push forward and find an alternative to your widget for however long it may take. As you note, Manjaro is a rolling release - Choosing not to update for any reason is not advisable; certainly not for the sake of a single widget, no matter how fond of it you might be.

This could leave you in a vulnerable, but more importantly, an unsupported state which may become increasingly difficult to recover from in days ahead.

That said, it’s your machine to use and abuse however you wish. :wink:

You’re preaching to the choir. I recall the general Qt4 to Qt5 transition with much disdain; some packages never seemed the same again; some disappeared completely. This can happen for many reasons, but is not something one can blame on any particular entity; at least, not in good conscience.

I suggest this hesitantly, as I’m uncertain as to the validity; but it might be worth asking: Can I use Plasma 5 event calendar in Plasma 6 - and, how do I achieve that? This might be an avenue to research. If it’s not, Im sure there will be someone to stomp on this pondering thought soon enough.


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Desktop Environments?

Not to be confused with Display Managers.

I also dont know I would put Cinnamon in the same bag as XFCE.

Though its less prone to growth spurts and the like than say Gnome or Plasma.