Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

The nvidia driver needs an update, it is now at 460.32.03.

Yes, we’re aware and don’t need reminders. :wink:

EDIT: They’re now in the unstable branch.

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Also this should be merged into the pipeline:

I have tested it and worked as expected

Hello @Ste74 - mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling have been updated.

I can put you as developer access for this two packages in our gitlab instance then you can ping me when ready to upload in our repo :wink:

Sounds good, i think it would be easier to maintain them with access. As currently we are basically doing the same work twice :wink:

Yep is a totally no sense for me… :+1:

Both packages are ready for building. :v:

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I cant update since yesteray on unstable. Probably mesa-git needs to be rebuild against new llvm. Will mesa-git get regular updates? Previously i was using mesa-git packages from unofficial arch repo, but those was replaced by manjaro packages. Is there a way to ignore manjaro mesa-git packages and keep using these from arch repo?

Same problem here, I can’t install mesa-git because it requires llvm-libs=11.0.0

Hi @Ste74 - I’ve updated mutter-x11-scaling which required to fix the upstream patch, the dev has been informed. The package is ready to build on Gitlab.

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Done :+1:

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Hi @Chrysostomus, I have updated again

Could you upload it to unstable or someone from the Team? @Ste74 ? :slight_smile:

gqrx package needs to be rebuilt:

Last packager is Kyle Keen.

Wich is not our package but archlinux package…

@schinfo has an overlay for it’s dependency gnuradio-osmosdr as well as the other gnuradio packages, that’s what’s causing the issue. GNU Radio is out now as well.


Mycroft-core on community repos (not the AUR one with same name) needs to be recompiled because of Python 3.9 and ICU 68 update.

Already asked here for plasma5-applets-mycroft and mimic (community too) to be recompiled, hope this one doesn’t go unanswered too.

I saw it as Community package:

It still comes from Arch. The repo does not tell you if it’s coming from Arch or built by Manjaro. You can see it based on “Packager” (well, if you know who that person belongs to…).

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