Unable to install DKMS modules due to the absence of the Manjaro kernel modules tree

Hi, recently I was trying to install the acpi_call-dkms and nvidia-dkms packages to use my dGPU on my Surface Book. However, every time I tried, I got this error:

==> ERROR: Missing 6.1.53-1 MANJARO kernel modules tree for module acpi_call/1.2.2

I’ve already installed the linux61-headers, updated all my packages, and even rebooted, but it still isn’t working.

Help would be appreciated because I’m at a deadlock tbh…


Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Sounds like an XY Problem: You’re asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.

If you already have the proprietary NVIDIA drivers installed, then linux61-nvidia should also be installed. DKMS modules are normally not needed.

Please post your system info as outlined here:

Please see: