Ultima Thule ISO

Ultima Thule (23.0.0) ISO available for download?

One Manjaro machine in use here for multiple years is 23.0.0 release (XFCE).
Administrator of Manjaro machine in mind here wants for some reason to install its virgin pendant but no ISO can be found to download.

Manjaro Downloads offers only 22.1 release.

At the same time Manjaro Hello (same machine) presents 22.1 as release number. Web search for answer didn’t deliver helpful hand.

$ cat /etc/lsb-release 

See the most recent Stable Updates post:

Yep, had visited that post before but was unable to draw conclusions for this question.
Apparently Manjaro Downloads doesn’t offer ISO of state 23.0.0 as 22.1.3 seems to be from Mai, 29th this year.

Delta 22.1.3 to 23.0 + all latest updates seems to be mostly irrelevant if it concerns current purpose. This applies as machine doesn’t use KDE, GNOME (in worst case should not do it); also other apps listed in referred recent Stable Update post don’t make the feeling they cause significant modifications in packages dependencies >>> the administrator can take 2.1.3 ISO from Manjaro download page though the desire was to have 23.0.0.

Context: posts “User session total freeze-up when microphone is attached” and “What is the clean Manjaro-XFCE stock set of packages forming graphical environment and to be present in distribution?”

Sorry, I have no idea what you just said. All I see is a jumble of words I can make no sense of. Please be clear, concise and provide context. We aren’t privy to your own thoughts.

Administrator of what, exactly? :thinking:

Tip: Rolling release distros are never used in enterprise and/or server environments for a reason…

Who? No such animal.

P.S. I understand forgetting to provide context when I’m thinking out loud. :wink:

P.S.S. I don’t suppose you’re u/Juste1?


Sorry, Manjaro Hello is in mind.

admin/user of that Manjaro machine in mind this post.

Link to context posts in my second comment this discussion.

In the future, please edit your latest reply instead of replying multiple times in a row. I’ve merged them.

On topic, you have neither been any more clear, concise not do your replies answer any of my questions–well, except clarifying you meant Manjaro Hello.

The point is if user wants to have of 23.0.0 installation from-scratch there seem to be no ISO available to achieve the goal in one single installation task.

Of course there is. I detest repeating myself.

Especially noteworthy in this post os

The install media will come later, therefore the package version has still a preview in it …

That is correct - but you can build the ISO using manjaro-tools.

Doing so will -at time of writing 2023-07-06T04:36:00Z - create a 23.0.0 ISO

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