Regarding the Ultima Thule release name

is it really smart to name it after a pretty racistic swedish band?

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Manjaro releases are always named after a Star Trek planet. Where do you think the band got it from? :wink:

Hmm, good point. It is a Star Trek planet as always, but if it has some slight chance to create some issue we may want to rename it to Uranus or so. I’m open for other ideas


great thanks :slight_smile:

Thule (/ˈθjuːliː/[1] Greek: Θούλη, translit. Thoúlē; Latin: Thūlē ) is the most northerly location mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature and cartography.

Makes some sense that some neo-nordic weirdos would use it … but does not make the term itself inherently racist. Like runic and metal music.


What point? There isn’t one. I already mentioned what it was named after and you just repeated what I said without even acknowledging I’d even said anything.

We are not responsible for other parties that also like to name things after Star Trek planets.


Back to the ultima thule … also funny because while they would be nordo-nationalists … its using a greek-latin term for the area … which is kinda funny for self-identified nationalists.

Also … heres a wiki disambig page showing … dozens of other uses

Though, again, these are simply terms in latin.

The ‘final most northernly point’. ‘ultima’ ‘thule’.

Well we can also rename it to Uranos if that makes it better: Roman vs Greek …

As a Romulan, I object to our home world being excluded by your Federation-centric nomenclature. I shall file a complaint with Starfleet about this!

Jolan tru!



I redacted what you were referring to, FYI.

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By the way, the Manjaro Wikipedia page desperately needs some updating as well. It still lists 22.1.0 Talos as the most recent release. :arrow_down:

By renaming it, you have made it a political issue. Where else can you be driven to? I do not want to expand this here now. But after this argumentation you are not allowed to make Manjaro or Linux anymore. That could and is certainly used by someone who does not fit someone else.

@philm Thanks for the Uranos, but you should not have bothered. There will always be something nasty named after something good. Hell i’m pretty sure somebody out there is generating rant about the Ubuntu animal names… And even if you satisfy the ambiguity with the StarTrek symbolic, there will come someone to ask why exactly THIS planet and not another planet (because you know, on THIS planet something bad happened or originated from…or maybe THIS planet is too small or unimportant).


Can we stop cancelling all terms that have had a link with something negative in the history ? Especially when the terms have no direct link to the negative point ?


And then there’s me, which I imagine is like the vast majority of people, never having heard the name before.


Me too actually. I just learned what is it.


My point exactly!

But you know everything ? :rofl:

That’s only the theory.

Anyway, most likely the 23.0 release is kinda overdue but we try to get pamac properly fixed before we do new install medias …