Trouble with Firefox 98

Sorry if this is an old issue - I haven’t seen it. After the latest Firefox upgrade (98.0.2) some websites don’t work right. Example is the Walmart home page (you can figure out the URL). Problem: The page loads, flashes for just a fraction of a second, and then disappears (blank screen). If it makes a difference, I have the Nvidia drivers installed on Manjaro; video board is an old Nvidia-based GE-Force 750 TI.

Anybody seen this before? Is there a fix?

Thanks - Richard

I have tested the Walmart home page: no problems.

Then you have something in the browser cache → clear the browser cache.

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Try another browser. If it works there, try a new profile in firefox and go from there. If it happens with another browser, post full system info.

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Usually this means that your adblocker is blocking more than intended. Did you try without?

Just tried the Walmart website using FF 98. No problems. I am using KDE 5.24.3, old Nvidia 8400 card but the Nouveau driver.

O.P. here … Thanks for all of your suggestions!

Disabled ad-blocker - no help. Cleared cache (only) - no help. Then cleared cookies - problem solved!

The ZDF Mediathek wasn’t working for me for days. Clearing the cookies and site data via the padlock, left of the address bar, helped instantly.

You might want to mark this as solved.

A backup of .mozilla (which can be found in the home folder) is needed.