[howto] from old forums

is it possible to “copy” [howto] from old forums ?

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well: Welcome to the new Manjaro Forum

In time we aim to port the most useful solutions and tips to the new platform, and we invite you to join this effort.

I guess it has to be done manually

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not us. or only if we are the message author.

We are currently working on our new wiki. When done we can see what can be added there.


Is there a way of redirecting incoming links to the archived forum? Right now, I have a problem with my installation and search engines that have the (old) forum indexed send me to a 404 (obviously).

Might it be possible to add a check if the requests page exists in the archive and send the user there (with a warning maybe)?


I was about to suggest exactly this. With so much information on the old forum (plus its amazing SEO) it would be extremely pertinent to add redirects to the archived forum.

Perhaps, at the very least as a stopgap fix, add a link on the 404 page that says “Perhaps your link can be found on the old forum?” and clicking it just prepends “archived.” to the URL?


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Similar to my idea too. :grinning:


I’m sad search engines get 404 on topics now.
The old forum was an enormous treasure case and most of the time on top search results.
I hope it will be somehow fixed.
Many How-To articles grew to How-To’s from simple questions. It’s impossible for me to summarize old articles here in a new How-To without setting old contributors up.

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not forget that we have lost forums before ,
and also we try to save some wiki & others stuffs

the 404 problem has definitely been a big one. i was hoping site:archived.forum.manjaro.org would work in google but no luck for anyone who has the idea.

is anyone working on scraping the archived forums?

See here

If that means if we work to recover the data, well, is lost and all the porting has to be done manually. See this

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SEO basic : ensure your sitemap isn’t lost.

Now, this can be managed with 301 (for what is considered not duplicable, that is… a lot !) and 302 (for what community can recover or duplicate.)

404 is just fatal injection…

Can something be done to the search engine indexes?
Like if you can redirect any valid link from the search engine results to the archived version. It seems all the manjaro related searches are indexed in the past and turn to be useless Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.
It’s a very hard loss to the community

Read this it is easy and works great. If you have a 404 from google, click the bookmark and it redirects to the archived thread automagically.


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Has anyone taken a look at the Wayback Machine at web archive.org? It states that the site was " Saved 335 times between September 24, 2012 and August 19, 2020."

I’m going in there and finding the Newbies stuff because, despite having used LinuxMint for a while, Arch linux seems to be somewhat different.