Title Headers and Borders Missing

With The 5.4.0 update to cinnamon the Title Headers & Bordes Icon is missing in the theme in the settings. The org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences still exists in the dconf but now has no effect.
@oberon & @Yochanan

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Sounds like a theme issue. I see no icons missing in System Settings.

What options in /org/cinnamon/desktop/wm/preferences/ aren’t working?

No not theme related and it appears your screenshot has no headers or borders?

I see no icons missing in System Settings,. please show me, it’s missing in the theme section

Maybe do the other way around, show the problem yourself so it is clear.


There should be windows borders above the icons (five not four) see below

The windows borders is controlled from the above which now has no effect

The option is still there on testing branch so it’s definitely an issue introduced on unstable unless its just specific to your case

Yes I think it is an unstable problem.
Yes you are correct its alright in testing.


It’s a feature, not a bug. :wink:

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What do you have to do to change a theme, or and which themes work properly with 5.4?

Some progress it is the Controls icon that now controls the headers that and the Desktop and the icons completely control the theme. only the dark ones really show up .

Now all we need is someone to make a Controls theme with colours?

Here we go sorted

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