Thunderbird window size issue

I use Manjaro Stable with KDE, on a Lenovo T480s with an external monitor (that has a significantly higher resolution).

Thunderbird seems to have now decided that the minimum horizontal size will be significantly larger than my laptop screen, even when my external monitor is disconnected. My wild guess is that this is some percentage of the resolution of my external monitor. When I maximize Thunderbird on my laptop part of the window disappears, in the example below you see the list of accounts are too far on the left side. You also see here the relative difference in screen size (the screenshot of leaves on top is the external monitor).

I assume that deleting all configs for Thunderbird will probably resolve the issue, but I would prefer not having to do so (it takes time to reconfigure and honestly in my mind that should be a last resort solution to an application which is considered stable).

I also have Thunderbird beta installed, and do not experience the issue there.

Hmm, I get error about uploading media to a post (maybe because I have a new user account). The attachement has a link mxRveYtZnmpyk6jcrX63rrOidpC.jpeg

You can’t upload pictures as a TL0. You can still do post the image in the following way:

How to still post screenshots?

Source: [HowTo] post screenshots and links

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Thanks, here is the screenshot: 92e3eda9403e3c04a1922f9f4d6689ac

You’ve answered your own question: It’s an application bug that will be resolved in the next version of Thunderbird…


Hmm, I am not so convinced that’s fully true (at least for the mid term future). This happened without any application update (as far as I can see), and the stable version (68.12) is way behind the “official stable” (78.3) and the beta package I am talking about (82.0b1). Thunderbird package for Manjaro stable was last updated on Aug. 29th, and I use it every day so I think I would have noticed (but yeah, until I find the issue I cannot deny that’s a possibility).

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Same issue here with 68.12 out of nothing. Let’s see what the new version brings.

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As magically as it arrived, the issue also disappeared a few days later (approx one week). I am still on 68.12.

Maybe something to do with disconnecting from external monitor “in the wrong order”. I have also noticed e.g. Zoom gets really confused about resolutions on multiple screens, but that seems very consistent.