"The login keyring did not get unlocked" prompting after setting automatic login

Hi, forum! The thing is while installing (successfully) Manjaro with Gnome DE 3.38.3 I was asked for a password. Not the usual case, I live far, far really far away from anyone who might be interested in anything that is my notebook (believe me, the potentially thief will get really bored at its content). Now I want to login without a password so I just started Activities > Users and set Automatic Login on.

Screenshot from 2021-02-20 11-53-39

I was expecting to just turn on the system and get access to it in a snap :fast_forward: . But instead of that I still need to unlock that famous login keyring (or something like this :point_down:)

Screenshot from 2021-02-20 11-48-43

So, automatic login isn’t doing the trick I needed :roll_eyes: .
Then I started reading about this thing, obviously many warned me against disabling it and well, I still want to stop it from prompting out.
These are my Activities > Passwords and Keys options.

I don’t want to mess things up, so here’s my question, what if I just leave a blank password for each Chrome(ium) Safe Storage/Control? Has anyone tried that before, or has any idea about how to stop the system asking me for the password? I used to do it on Ubuntu, but now since I’m supposed to be a grown-up and Manjaro-able I’d like to set things like then. Just turn on the notebook and there, start working on my exercises or even browsing. Any ideas?

I don’t know whether a blank password will help or if it will even be possible.
If it worked in Ubuntu, it’ll work here as well. Why shouldn’t it …

This “unlocking the keyring” is the reason I don’t use autologin - as it is just as much hassle in the end …
An short login password which takes two seconds max. to type …

If you suspend your system instead of shutting it down - you’ll only need the password once.

My opinion.

Using automatic login and unlocking the key ring is generally not compatible.No matter how you decide to proceed there is no optimal solution.

You may be able to tweak your settings - maybe even get the automatic login work - try using the seahorse package to maintain your credentials.

I also would like to be able to autologin without to enter the password for the keyring!
I store all my important password in bitwarden extension so why do i need to use the keyring!?
with other DEs i dont have to have a keyring, so why here?

you don’t need to use it
it’s a feature and a wanted functionality of many users of a desktop environment
and to stop it from nagging you:
every search I have done on how to disable it yielded
“set a blank password”