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Just performed an update using Add/Remove Software and can’t get past this boot screen. Any suggestions warmly welcomed. Thank you.

You should be able to set the theme using TTY ( Ctrl+Alt+F3 )

Or you can make use of the lookandfeel tool (this will change desktop theme etc), ex:

lookandfeeltool -a breeze

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’ll try this tomorrow and update the outcome. Fingers crossed!

Sorry, but that hasn’t worked. I can’t get a TTY prompt with any CTRL+ALT+Fx combination. It just falls back to the above screen.

you have installed libplist and some other packages from the AUR, that are also in official repos, and now causing you this issue…

but since you cant enter into tty, check this:

especially the runlevel option, and if you manage to enter cli, you can post picture of:
pacman -Qm
if you cant enter it, then you have to chroot and post the output from there, so we can remove the aur packages, and replace them with the official ones…

Thanks. I ended up having to chroot from a live USB. Here is a picture of the pacman -Qm screen. Hopefully this helps. Not sure where I go from here…

Thank you so much, Brahma!
I followed advice given above and have finally got back into my machine!
You’re a star, Brahma!

these packages needs to be removed in your case:

sudo pacman -Rdd ifuse-git libplist-git libimobiledevice-glue-git libimobiledevice-git

install them from official repos:

sudo pacman -S ifuse libimobiledevice libplist

you can also remove these, they are dead:

sudo pacman -R ceph-libs manjaro-documentation-en manjaro-firmware systemd-fsck-silent

Thanks brahma. I figured out the first line from your previous answers, along with a little detective work. Thanks for the tip of which other packages to remove. I must learn to be more careful what I install.