Thank you Manjaro developers and Manjaro Forum

I would like to thank Manjaro developers for creating the easiest linux distribution that I have ever used. Package management is very good, rolling release, no need of adding private PPAs (some could be unstable) like in debian or debian based distributions and all linux software is can be installed very easily by using pamac (noob frendly) or octopi. I recommend Manjaro linux especially the official editions to new users of linux instead of ubuntu or linux mint like many people recommend. The Manjaro forum is the best forum I have ever interacted with, it is even better than Microsoft's Community Forum and Feedback Hub. Replies on issues are fast while on Microsoft either no reply or it could take days but rarely on the same day maybe because of the mass number of issues in the forum. Manjaro developers always state the bugs present in the new versions of software and solutions and already acknowledges some community editions like Manjaro Deepin is buggy (but not so much) and they and arch are trying their best to resolve the bugs.


Well, that's not so difficult. :smile:


I hated updates in Windows. Always something I have no control over. Having honest, hard-working developers and being on feature-rich KDE, I'm excited for updates now :slight_smile:


I have tested several distros over the years.
Last autumn I switched over to Manjaro KDE.

This distro is easy to maintain and to use.


Some things I forgot to mention in this post is that Manjaro was beyond my Linux distribution expectations in a good way for example it always gets latest stable packages after testing. It has the latest (or close if new update is available but testing is required before being released as stable) hplip package (also present in Arch Linux) which I require for printing and scanning with a HP printer, no need for downloading the file from HP for supported distributions and installing it using the command sh because installing it this way can cause errors for example, I tried this in Ubuntu but some dependencies refused to install because of the locale that was set. Other ways Manjaro exceeds my expectations of a Linux distribution is that most software is available in the repositories and the AUR, no need to google those packages and downloading them from unauthorised sources and the honest and hardworking Manjaro Developers participate in the forum like @philm and @oberon listening to Manjaro linux users issues and posting good solutions for them because they care about the users unlike Microsoft with its buggy Windows 10 and its telemetry. Keep up the good work Manjaro developers.


I created a forum user account just to echo this sentiment! (I haven't needed any support so far because Manjaro is SO EASY TO USE). After using (and loving) Ubuntu for 13+ years, I found Manjaro by accident as an 'easier to install' version of Arch. It is so much more, I can't believe how well everything works, package management is better than either Arch or Ubuntu, all my hardware works flawlessly, its WAAAAY FAST and easy to use. GREAT WORK DEVS!

Edit: I almost forgot to mention; There is an unbelievable number of applications available OOTB through the package manager! Even proprietary ones, I have not had to download a package from a website yet. I am staggered that such a small distribution can be so much better than the big guns.


You can see that Manjaro is a product of passion and that its developers are maniacally dedicated to it. I don't know of any other developers that comment on YouTube videos that have less than a thousand subscribers in order to offer help and solutions to problems. I can't think of any better example of developers being in touch with the user community and listening to feedback. There is nothing like it anywhere else.


Manjaro is the best OS I have ever used. Easy to switch kernels and is stable for a semi-rolling release distro. Best Forum and community and I like it when Phillip Muller notifies users of updates via the forum whether stable, testing or unstable. Gave up Windows 10 due to its issues and they are getting worse even after I left Windows 10 and replaced it with free (cost), secure, easy to use and stable Manjaro Linux. There is no other distro like Manjaro that I know of.

Before I came to Manjaro, I started with Ubuntu, distro-hopped to Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian and Deepin. I knew Manjaro first by searching for Deepin Linux bugs and some of those bugs were posted to this forum for Manjaro Deepin and at least one for Deepin Linux. I was tempted to try Manjaro Deepin and gave it a try. I liked it even though it had issues and later changed to Manjaro KDE as the only OS after a bit of distro-hopping. Thank you Manjaro developers for this amazing distro and Manjaro is currently the second popular distro in DistroWatch after Debian based MX Linux.


Been a Windows user for almost 14 years and a half, I am still amazed at the power of Linux and free software (both cost and open source). Chris Titus Tech YouTube videos helped me adopt and learn more about Linux and its features.


You can also search the internet for free books about Linux and BSD.
Freebsd handbook:
It is almost the same for Linux.

The Ubuntu handbook is also worth reading:

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I agree, and I would also like to thank everybody at the manjaro team. I installed manjaro on an older computer and it is now flying. I also installed on my latest build a fully decked out AMD 3000 system with 64GB of RAM and 8GB AMD R9 series GPU. All I can say is OMG! this thing is fast, really really fast :slight_smile: Exceptional job, and the most awesome KDE desktop I have seen in years. I absolutely love KDE and KDE with Manjaro is a perfect union. Thank again, really appreciate all the hard work.


I would also like to thank the forum community for awesome and understandable tutorials like the LAMP stack tutorial created by XAMPP mysql errors gave me headaches but the tutorial helped me set up a working stack. The part of systemctl enable mysqldworked in the tutorial but not when setting up XAMPP installed from the AUR. Tutorials like these helps linux noobs like me set up programs well without problems. Keep up the good work Manjaro Forum community.

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