Login loop with KDE and SDDM, tty and startx works

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a login loop with my Manjaro VM (on virtualbox). Whenever I type my password in SDDM, I get a brief black screen and then login message again.

At first, I got the same error as descirbed here:

I have followed the solution there. It did not fix my problem, but I noticed that I dont have the sddm-greetrc file at all. I created new one (which was suggested somewhere else in this forum).

Now I am stuck in a login loop with sddm. I guess this might be because the sddm-greeterrc file is empty? What should it contain?


  • working around sddm by escaping to tty and startx manually works, but it is cumbersome
  • the system is Manjaro on a VM made with virtualbox. The system was working OK for a few months
  • there are no pending updates
  • before this issue, I have set used the installation option to log me in automatically. I had already a simillar experience with SDDM and I dont need to manage my desktop session. So a solution that would log me automatically in any way would be great for me too.

Thank you in advance for any help with this!