Testers: Mirror Manager

Hi, Mirror Manager the new tool for mirror providers is now open for public testing, if you run a Manjaro mirror and would like to help test it, head to https://mirror-manager.manjaro.org/ and create a account.

And pacman-mirrors has been rewritten to utilize this


I have two issues with your suggestion:

  1. The status has not changed for more than 10 days.

  2. I can no longer log in to the site and when I ask to reset the password I get a 500 error.

In addition @Yochanan suggests using the gitlab Manjaro, but I do not get an account despite two requests to the email mentioned on the gitlab page.

did you had any mirrors under your account?

manjaro-r2.kurdy.org doesn’t exist anymore

I can see there is some errors here related to your mirror and account reset, can you describe what steps you have done?

Yes, of course, here’s the sequence:

  • I announced two mirrors on the forum (28.09.2023)
  • I was advised to use the application suggested in this thread. I signed up (29.09.2023)
  • I added two mirrors (29.09.2023)
  • I was advised to create an issue in Gitlab (29.09.2023)
  • I noticed that one mirror wasn’t working properly, I deleted it and tried to connect to the application with what I thought was the correct password, but it didn’t work, so I asked for the password to be reset. I repeated this several times with the same result, a 500 error.

Another point is that I use the same email as for the forum, but I haven’t entered the same password.

this application i still being work on and is not active yet for the mirrors.

So mirrors are activated/deactivated depending on their state there is no need to delete them, empty accounts and non working mirrors get deleted after 30days, you should have some emails about mirrors state and account deletion as for the 500 error I will look into that.

For actual mirror submission is still here, it can take quite some time for your account to be accepted depending on the availability of the person accepting those.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

@kurdy You can try password recover now, let me know how it goes.


I can confirm that I’ve managed to recover my password. However, it seems that I had to re-register with email validation rather than a reset. I had to claim the mirror by creating a file on my server as it had already been claimed. But in conclusion, I’ve got my account back, the mirror with status ok, so all is well. Thanks for the work

Did you not get any emails from mirror-manager?

Before the reset, I received an email informing me that a mirror wasn’t working (which is true) and that it had been deleted.
When I checked the email address, it was my username, which is strange. So I did a reset procedure with that email, which worked correctly, and I ended up deleting that account and keeping the one that was recreated with the correct settings.
So everything seems fine to me now.

It appears the bot has bugged out again.

Judging from the table it happened shortly after 2023-10-13 18:56 - manjaro.kyberorg.fi appears to be the last mirror checked at 2023-10-13 19:06.

One of the @kurdy mirrors still have IN QUEUE status

Last sync is the date that the mirror was last sync and not last time the application access it to update database.

I checked - still there is something off - I commented further on gitlab

As of right now 2023-10-18T05:54:00Z

When I check the global state file I get - I only mention the interesting part.

The state global state file shows another date - and the individual branch state file shows when individual state last changed.



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mirror-manager status has not been updated since 17. October