New mirror @ Server =$repo/$arch

Hello everyone,

I’m announcing a new mirror

Server =$repo/$arch

located in Germany with Cloudflare caching



Let’s just call the @Manjaro-Team on this.

There is a new project in QA

Please see

@linux-aarhus Thanks for the link, I’ve just added it.

This is likely not going to work … I think mirror-manager requires being able to access using a web browser.

The source is at

Yes, that’s what I thought too; it’s not very important because in both cases it’s the same source and I’m not sure it’s worth putting both up. According to my tests, the version through the worker is faster if the mirror is used, because the cloudflare system starts to distribute the data. If it’s not used in the request region, there’s an extra 100ms or so for the first few requests.

I’ll have a look at the sources

Given the code, it works because it tests the state file, so it’s OK as far as I understand. Direct access to the bucket returns a 404 when accessing a directory. This is not the case with the worker.

def state_check(protocol, address, branch=None):             
    start = time.time()
    target = f"{protocol}://{address}{get_state_path(branch)}"

        response = requests.get(f'{target}', headers=headers(), timeout=3, stream=True)
        end = time.time()
        elapsed = end - start
    except HTTPError:
        return {"state_file_exists": False}
    except Exception: 
        return {"state_file_exists": False}
    json = {
        "state_file_exists": True,
        "state_file": response.text,
    if not branch:
        json["ip"] = get_ip(address)
        json["access_time"] = str(elapsed)[:5]
    return json

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Please create a new issue here:

I didn’t understand your message. What’s the issue?

Create an issue there and your new mirror will be added. Notice the other issues there? :wink:

It’s not easy to announce a mirror !

I can’t get a Gitlab account, despite announcing (as requested) at And the site doesn’t seem to work properly, it return 500 errors and not really changing the status of mirrors.


I agree - which is why we are working on the mirror-manager solution - but things take time - your effort is appreciated - thank you.

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Your mirror has been added, thanks.

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