Testers: pacman-mirror v5 utilizing mirror-manager

pacman-mirrors has been rewritten to use mirror-manager.manjaro.org.

The development package can be installed using my development repo at

Index of /nixrepo

The mirror syncs every 15 minutes with my internal build system

If you have issues - please open an issue at

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I really hope the backend is working better than the frontend, because this website DOES NOT provide realtime information about the sync status, showing a lot of mirrors with some moving arrows, while they are in reality synced. Which makes it a piece of junk.

Don’t be so harsh - it would be more constructive to make the developer(s) aware of the issue.

You can upvote the issue I created yesterday :slight_smile:

and comment at Testers: Mirror Manager

I did, but If i have to be honest, i don’t understand the need to rewrite something that is already working fine. Manjaro developers are just a few guys with a very limited time and funding and maybe they have to focus more on fixing bugs than reinventing the wheel.

Constantly trying to reinvent the wheel because everybody feels the greatest unfortunately seems to be the plague of the linux world. We are so lucky we (still) have only one kernel.
Systemd was the future, but it is full of bugs that the narcissist developer will not fix, wayland was the future, but it is still not ready and so on and so on.

Even in this very section of the forum - we have manjaro-hello and manjaro-starter with similar functionality.

In the light of the recent events, there are certainly bigger priorities than rewriting something that works. Like fixing pamac bugs or memory usage for example, or finishing pacnew checker, or uploading current iso images to the site, or updating the wiki, or updating the mhwd to not automatically offer a broken realtek driver.


There is no reinvention of the wheel here.

This is an automation of infrastructure managment - an infrastrucure which currently is managed manually.


  • the contributors has a life besides Manjaro
  • we are not equally skilled
  • a great variety of skills is required
    • python
    • flask
    • c
    • rust
    • c++
    • c++ (qt variant)
    • vala (pamac)
    • shell
    • css/html
    • git

Instead of complaining and telling what your priorities are - you should pull your hands from your pocket - roll up your sleves - refresh your coding skils (vala) - clone the pamac and libpamac repos and contribute.

If you cannot code then you can request an account on the wiki and improved the content …

That would be greatly appreciated … your ranting is not wanted … your positive contribution is …

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