System Tray too big after update

So after updating my system, my system tray is all messed up now, where it seems like it’s way too big. It’s not letting me send screenshots but my package manager and clipboard manager icons are in the direct center, with a massive amount of space where I can click the system tray if I right click.

if I move the System tray to the right then the icons vanish, and trying to move my other icons back just breaks the panel and disallows me from clicking on anything on the far left.
This only happened after updating and rebooting when it finished.

OS is Cinnamon 5.4.2

Is this your Reddit post?

Yup, but I also can’t send screenshots here so I couldn’t really visualize it.

Check any applets, desklets etc. My panel got screwy and it was linked to the collapsible systray applet I had enabled. I disabled it and hit ctl alt esc to restart cinnamon and bam, panel was back to normal…minus the collapsible systray.

Keep in mind…

You can change panel sizes in settings it’s called “Panel”

There’s a few extensions/applets not compatible with the new cinnamon update, I’d check all of them for errors. I know transparent panels extension is now broken for example

There are no extensions in cinnamon and “Blue-mint” still works fine.

I’m also on Cinnamon and having a problem with the System Tray: I usually have the task bar set to “intelligently hide”, but after the recent update it has been behaving very strangely.

If I move my mouse over the middle (empty area) or the system tray the bar kind of bounces (it tries to come out, then goes back again repeatedly) - it works fine when hovering over other areas (e.g. pinned apps.)

This also happens if it’s set to “autohide” and doesn’t matter which side of the screen the bar is on, but only when system tray is enabled. For the moment I’ve disabled it, but would prefer to have it working properly if anyone has any ideas.

I will just add my two pence to this.
I have noted some odd behaviour of the build in systray applet.

When starting up the icons in the systray start large then resize to the correct size. Ok I can live with that.

However if you unlock the panel and try to move the applet, it will be empty of icons till you re-log into Cinnamon. This made me think that it was broken at first.

Collapsible systray applet displays icons but cannot be interacted with. Third party applet I know so wait for update.

Not sure what to do about this.

Yep, same problem here, after updating system (Manjaro Cinnamon) the tray autohide is broken. Same when set to intelligently hide. Doesn’t matter if tray is at bottom, top or side. Same with other Arch based distros such as Arco and vanilla Arch. Worked before latest Cinnamon update and then broken. Hope they find a fix soon. I might add that Debian based distros are fine. :frowning:

with the original installation panel, I had not seen the system tray grow, but when I found that the search from the normal menu dialog box, was not able to find files from my home (I looked in dconf to see if I could change something but I could not), and I decided to change the normal menu to “Cinnamenu”, I noticed that the system tray was extending for no reason as if there was a flexible spacer, so I simply chose “troubleshoot and then restart cinnamon” (this with the panel in edit mode), the panel was displayed correctly again.