Symbol lookup error

I just updated my system and was not able to log in. I was getting the same issue as reported in KDE could not find theme after update

I was able to fix it by downgrading kio to 5.82.0-1 from 5.84.0-1. I was able to log in after that. However, after that I am unable to open Dolphin. When I try to open dolphin from terminal I see,

dolphin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK6Attica8Metadata7headersEv

Could someone help me fix this?

Sounds like you have a mix of normal and -git Plasma packages.

Please replace all the -git packages with their regular counterparts.

There are multiple threads around the forum on how to do this.

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Removing attica-git fixed the problem. Thank you. Could you point me to some resouce which explains why this happens? Is this because these are development packages which are not tested?

At some point in the past, you installed/upgraded a package that deepended on a -git package.
There was a brief period of time, where it was one of the regular plasma packages, so you probably got caught in that.

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Thank you once again.

Thanks, removing attica-git solved my problem.
For anyone facing the same issue, run this command:

pamac list --installed | grep git

and manually replace all the git packages with non-git packages (if possible).

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