Support for M1 based macbook Air?

I really love this laptop, but must stand crappy macOS :frowning:
Unstable crap, that is :slight_smile:
Can’t find Linux distro to put on it and use this laptop like a man :stuck_out_tongue:
is there plan to support new Macs?

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There is no plans yet…

And I’m not a Dev.

You might not have to wait for too long though.

Linux 5.13 brings initial but still early support for the Apple M1 with basic support but not yet accelerated graphics and a lot more to iron out moving ahead (source)


I had to do some digging on this

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This has more to do with the Linux kernel than with Manjaro itself. 5.13 is bringing preliminary M1 support so you might want to give it a shot in a few months when it lands in manjaro.

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To run linux on the hardware directly there needs to be a bootloader which can initiate the hardware.

Currently you can only run linux using some workarounds, it will be the same even after linux kernel supports m1 soc.


What’s the story with Mac OS? All I know that it is UNIX based. What is so terrible about it? Just wondering. Sorry if off-topic.

It’s unstable, doesn’t have virtual consoles when some GUI program goes hayway. Had to do hard reset because of it. Music(iTunes), Steam, you named it easilly crash it. But because of Unix flavor, it is surelly better then Windows. I can use vim,slrn,weechat, tmux, alright, that is only thing that is good, and ssh of course, but had to replace samba on my Linux desktop with
netatalk as it work like crap with samba. All in all Linux is much better. if you don’t count free office and nice apps, nice, that is.

and finally, you can’t open application if developer is not verified by Apple :stuck_out_tongue:
of course you can, but you have to go to dir with file manager, ctrl-click then click open :stuck_out_tongue:
/i think that is just for .app for program without .app extension no problem :stuck_out_tongue:
/i mean if they do that everytime I compile something I would be really pissed :stuck_out_tongue:

and they force you to use their applications as you can’t remove them, I mean iTunes part of system and notes and etc?!

Good lord! That’s really really poor OS. And a lot of popular content creators on youtube praising it for its stability, lol…

Thank you kindly for the elaborate answer.

Well it’s stable if you don’t push it :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, don’t try much of things, it’s stable, just don’t do this and that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on the edge to sell this laptop, because crap restores itunes and quick time
even after I rm-em -rf after boot crap is back again. This is not system for developers and hard core hackers, rather for someone else…

Donate it to Manjaro Arm Team to see if we can bring up Manjaro Linux on it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you.


I think this may be one of those “your mileage may vary” deals, as I’ve been using my M1 Mac Mini for about six months now and I don’t think I’ve had a single crash of macOS itself in that time. I use CIFS/SMB3 to mount my Synology NAS (which runs Samba on linux) on my Mini and the file transfers to & from that are on par with the rates I get with my PC under Manjaro or Windows (all three get a max of around 117 MB/s read/write), so there may be some sort of configuration problem with your samba server.

All in all, this is a zippy little machine, it does Handbrake at roughly half the speed of my core i7 8700 running Manjaro linux, but it uses, like, 1/4th the power to do it.

I tested removing a bunch of the Apple apps that come with macOS (Music, Notes, Stocks, Stickies, TV) and you’re right, it will not let you remove them. This is probably a feature they put in to prevent people who don’t know what they’re doing from accidentally removing those.

Bottom line I think is, if you don’t like the way macOS looks or works, then I wouldn’t buy a Mac. Apple is definitely making it harder to install linux and I’m not terribly sanguine about them releasing the info necessary to allow linux on their hardware as an equal alternative to macOS. If the alternatives, such as Qualcomm’s Arm or RISC V offer equal or better performance without all the work reverse engineering Apple’s secrets I would have to say, “why bother”. Likely be less expensive anyway.

I had it frequently, everytime game hangs it’s brings down whole OS. Unkillable, so you cannot logout or reboot from GUI, only hard reset or sudo reboot from command line, same with iTunes(Music) when it hangs. Also Steam can’t stop runnaway process like in Linux.
Actually Steam stop process does nothing on macOS. On Linux it works perfectly.

edit:concerning speed netatalk can be used to intall Steam game and play from network drive, samba is too slow.

If you’re still in your full refund no-questions return window, I’d definitely return it.

Because of macOS? No, laptop is great, even with macOS :stuck_out_tongue:

For Linux on M1 see the Asahi Linux project

Asahi Linux is a project and community with the goal of porting Linux to Apple Silicon Macs, starting with the 2020 M1 Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

Our goal is not just to make Linux run on these machines but to polish it to the point where it can be used as a daily OS. Doing this requires a tremendous amount of work, as Apple Silicon is an entirely undocumented platform. In particular, we will be reverse engineering the Apple GPU architecture and developing an open-source driver for it.

and no, there aren’t distributions that already run on it

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Monterey is much better then Big Sur. I can’t crash it and much improved compressor
so I can run 12GB game in 8GB of RAM with decent frame rate without swap :stuck_out_tongue:

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