Possible Manjaro support for Apple silicon?

Any updates on the support for Manjaro on M1 running either in a VM or native?
A few distros have support for the M1 hardware by now in VMWare Fusion such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Photon OS, Debian.
Can duck duck go for Fusion-for-Apple-Silicon-Tech/Fusion-Tech-Preview-Testing-Guide for details.

I think you are mistakenly assume that hypervisor support is bare-metal support.

There is no point in trying to get Manjaro running on Apple branded hardware - If you want to use Apple branded hardware - use macOS - it is a much better solution as they are built for each other and quite frankly - I don’t think Apple has no intention of making it possible to run other operating systems on Apple branded hardware.

I was hoping to test out Manjaro in a VM powered by Fusion on M1 hardware the same way as I have been testing other distros as Manjaro seems to have many nice features.

If there is a way to get Manjaro running in a similar fashion as described in the testing guidelines from VMware that would be great.

If you can run other Linux - it is likely possible to run Manjaro.

Can you please point me to the most suitable .iso file for Arm64 or is there another process to follow to get this working?

ARM images has no iso file - but comes as a xz compressed archive - just unpack it - it works the same way…


qemu based, user friendly, you can run any os on M1

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ARM images are per device. So now, we don’t support the M1 yet. This would also mean some of our developers have to buy M1s to prepare and test the images they build. There is Asahi Linux, which is trying to get Linux on the new Mac’s. They may eventually release a remix of Arch Linux ARM, packaged for installation by end-users, as a distribution of the same name. When that happens we can adopt the effort easily. You can browse thru their github repos, to see what they are up to.


Thanks for the status update on the M1, I will wait until official support is hopefully announced.

I run Parallels Desktop on my M1 MacBook Pro. Today I was able to build a custom generic aarch64 UEFI image and get Manjaro running on my Mac by modifying a few lines of the manjaro-arm-installer script. The changes were to create a slightly larger boot partition and to flag it as an ESP and format it in FAT32, as well as reference a custom device profile I made. I then had to enter the UEFI Shell of the VM on the first boot in order to boot into Manjaro where I could then use efibootmgr to add the boot entry (used instructions from the EFISTUB page on the ArchWiki)