Stop killing process if it stops responding

There is a program that every now and then says whether I want to close it or wait because it’s not responding, if I click wait it works fine. Sometimes I miss the message and it closes soon after. How do I avoid the system killing this program?

The program was finished after delay - which is why you where asked whether you want to wait or close it.
… you missed to react to the message - it d´finished in the meantime - and the message was then superfluous and disappeared …


I don’t see how this is relevant. I want the program to stop closing without having to be clicking on a button all the time. So I don’t care about the message.

you would need to look into why the app is triggering the system to throw the error.
for some reason, it is not responding to system checks while processing. You want that check and you want the system to throw that error so the best way is to get the app fixed :slight_smile:

So I misunderstood what you said
… or you described the issue poorly, allowing me to misunderstand you and answering to something that you did not ask :wink: