[Stable Update] 2022-02-27 - Kernels, Mesa 21.3.7, Plasma 5.24.2, Frameworks 5.91, Pipewire 0.3.47, Toolchain, Gstreamer 1.20, Nvidia 510.54

Issue with sound is fixed by
creating a file ~/.config/pipewire/pipewire-pulse.conf.d/pipewire-pulse.conf

stream.properties = {
    channelmix.normalize  = false

and restarting the services

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You could also uninstall it with the assumption that it is installed, so that you don’t actually uninstall its dependants.

sudo pacman -Rnus --assume-installed dunstify dunstify

Followed by upgrade immediately

sudo pacman -Syu

Black screen after reboot after update is complete. But on the next reboot it worked.

I’m merging /etc/locale.gen with /etc/locale.gen.pacnew after the update. What kind of can of worms goes open when one would uncomment C.UTF-8 UTF-8?

It’s a bit sad that the syntax of that file supports comments, but upstream lacked to document the need of the C “locale” in locale.gen in place. Also trailing spaces :face_vomiting:

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Since updating my KDE install that I created only a few months ago, the system tray is present, but pamac, syncthing-gtk etc. no longer appear like they used to. They also aren’t present in the Entries tab as Hidden.

EDIT: Also, other than Firefox, everything is very slow to open. And no, CPU is not fully utilised, it is less than 20% and same with memory. Seemed to not effect GTK apps, but only QT/KDE

EDIT 2: Using a timeshift backup, I can confirm that something broke in the update, as everything is working now. Backup was from the 25th of Feb as I hadn’t used it in a bit.

EDIT 3: Installed the updates again, same thing occurred. Created a new user and everything is working again, so obviously something changed in the user configurations.

@wo80 @koshikas


I just noticed my gnome is showing 41.3 and not 41.4. Anyone else notice this? A UI bug?
Did this command “gnome-shell --version” That shows 41.4 just shows 41.3 when you check settings. So a UI bug. All good.

Nope. The gmome-shell version doesn’t define the GNOME version in Settings, gnome-desktop does. Not all packages will have new versions for point releases. Remember, we have 42 just around the corner.

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My wallpaper disappeared … nothing terrible obviously.

mhm … when I click on “Change Wallpaper…” in plasma quick settings nothing happens. However I can successfully set the wallpaper by righ-clicking on an image file with dolphin.

@philm @AlanP This problem was already tracked by KDE devs in 449789 – Impossible to change the user avatar
The real problem is coming from accountsservice package, for now with v22.08.8 the change is reverted to fix the problem, but only Arch repo has that fix while Manjaro unstable/testing/stable repos are still using 22.07.5

If you had the default wallpaper set as background image then after upgrading you will get the new default one, to retain all old wallpapers try installing plasma-workspace-wallpapers package.
Concerning “Change Wallpaper” config window, for me it launches and works fine. What I encourage you to logout then access any terminal tty and delete your user .cache folder then return to tt1 and login again, or if you want to do it safely just create a new user and test with it.

Me too.
I have to use kernel 5.4.
With the 5.4 the problem happens about once in 15-20 restarts.
For me, the problem arise from long ago.

I created two keyboard shortcuts to toggle touchpad OFF and then ON.
On KDE System Settings → Shortcuts → Touchpad.

Lenovo Thinkpad here.

I’ve had a small issue where openconnect starts to show a lot of logging on stdout. This includes the username, password and token information which I prefer does not show on my console. Not sure how to lower this (new) default level of logging.

If you’ve got filesystems defined with things like /dev/sdc[0-9], /dev/sda[0-9], etc, you’re likely to have occasional problems as the same disc won’t necessarily be given the same path on reboot.

Ideally, you need to replace the filesystem paths with UUIDs instead, as these will be constant whatever you do. You can get the UUID for any filesystem with the blkid command.

We will look into the matter.

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Ok. The problem come from accountsservice and not from KDE. Hope to see the V22.08.8 package in Manjaro repositories soon. :wink:

Since this update, my login sound (Oxygen-Sys-Log-In-Short.ogg) not working, even when enabled in:
System Settings > Notifications > Applications > Plasma Workspace > Configure Events > Login
But I can play it in the dialog box “Configure notifications”* by clicking on his test button…
I only hear at login the notification that my WhatsApp messaging is out of date, whereas before these two sounds followed one another.
All other notification sounds (empty trash, logout, etc.) work fine.

*My interface is in French, so I’m not sure about the title of the dialog box in English.

look at this : https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/kde-startup-sound-muted-until-login-after-latest-plasma-5-24-updates-4175707891/

Since this update I am having issue with my monitors. If I switch input to my monitor*, immediately removes it, and moves all open windows to the 2nd one. It was happening before, but it was removing the monitor after 1-2 seconds, so I had time to do it. Now it is removed as long as I press the button.

*I have 2 monitors, with 3 inputs. My primary is connected via HDMI to desktop and via DP I have my passthrough VMs displaying there.

edit: KDE Plasma, X11. Also, the windows moved to the 2nd screen, are out of screen bounds and I cannot move them (I am using a “move” shortcut")

For some reason the workaround stopped working today and I’m completely stuck without WiFi.