So many errors or bugs after new update

after update to Wynsdey plasma looks so awful , errors or bugs with mounting external devices ( usb flash and portable HDD and with mounting socondary primary partition ); ad/remove software button is not working properly ( clicking to updates button it gives “Failed to synchronize databases” its same with " Preferences" ); Display problems and etc; also KDE partition manager is gone
I would like to go back and install previous Vulcan version ( 23.1.3-240113-linux66.iso version )


Please see → [Stable Update] 2024-05-13 - Kernels, Plasma 6, Gnome 46, LxQT 2.0, Nvidia, Pacman - #2 by philm

It has been known for many moons that Plasma 6 comes with a complete overhaul - that may not fit into your universe - in any case Manjaro is rolling forward.

You can do that - in the end you are better off by amending your system to the new Plasma 6 reality.


Isn’t this more related to newer Kernel? I think LTS Kernel 6.6 should be fine.

Uff that’s new for me… is there any plan’s from KDE to make it Plasma 6 compatible again?

No, it’s not. :man_shrugging:


I hope so

It’s not missing and it is already built with KDE6/qt6 so yes it’s compatible.

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I just updated on my Laptop with Manjaro/KDE, 1hour ago and i found out, that there is absolute no problem with KDE Partition Manager at all… i have no idea why OP is talking that its gone under KDE6.

My external USB Storage (ext4 partition) is working under Plasma6 with LTS 6.6 Kernel without problems and add/remove software button is working under Pamac also.

OP probably didn’t updated from TTY and that is the reason why he had all this problems right now.


thank you for your attention and effort

I had a complete different journey with the update two days ago.

I installed Manjaro new because of a new device beginning of march.
The latest update completely crashed the installation, i was not even able to come to a graphical login, got stuck on the grub interface and not a single key was working. Even the light of the shift key did not change.

So i decided to reinstall it from the ISO of the latest version before the big update. Went fine as the weeks before, but the update to KDE 6 failed again with the same problem.

Only the installation of latest ISO which includes already the KDE 6 environment brought the system back operational.
As a long year user of Manjaro i was pretty surprised about this challenge.

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And did you update while you log out from your desktop and going into TTY to update?

I updated as a regular user where Pamac suggested that updates are available. If it would have been a requirement to go on TTY mode, it should have been documented and Pamac should have stopped doing the update.

Its shown up under the stable release, i also added a little points for this big update:

The only reason it is not on the ISO is compatibility issues with kpmcore.

Calamares 3.2 installer depends on kpmcore5 while Plasma 6 has kpmcore - thus it was necessary to omit partitionmanager from the ISO.

You can manually add partitionmanager after you install the system.

Gparted is still available on the ISO.

partitionmanager is fully compatible with Plasma 6 - no worries there :slight_smile:

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I wanted to delete this message but @Nachlese wanted me to let it stay…
We deleted our messages like the mission impossible (minidisc going into dust) no evidence left, i knew i would suffer from my quick response to this topic (before i updated) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everything is fine, i did my updates on both systems and KDE Partition Manager and everything else is working as intended but thanks anyways. :wink:


We haven’t equipped pamac with artificial intelligence yet at this point in time… :roll_eyes:

That’s not what i was asking for.

But a simple note about TTY requirement in case of failure would have helped.
For this you do not need AI :wink:

Quick update on May 22nd:

I upgraded yesterday the device of my wife (HP Elitebook 830) from CLI (without shutting down GUI) and it went through without issues. I was using pacman and yay
Seem to be that my install using the graphical pamac installer caused the problem on my device.

There is a note, in the Update thread 13th of May. Which you should read prior to every system update.

“If you use KDE you better logout of your session and do the update via Pacman or Pamac in tty.” It also expands to more things you should look at.

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Great - good to hear

It is a really difficult topic - and I am sure you understand that - but your comment has sparked some thoughts - which I will try to communicate to my fellow team members.

There is a lot of different computer systems out there. Each and every user is different and the system(s) each serve a purpose. At least that is how I justify having a diverse selection of hardware.

I know from experience of having only one system - just as a lot of users only have one system - and could not afford to have that system break on me.

From experience I have written a couple of topics on how to handle major syncs as painless as possible - in the hope it would be helpful in avoiding too much pain when a major sync arrives.