Slowdown in Manjaro ARM development?

It seems that we have been 3 months without Manjaro ARM updates, at least for Pinebook Pro. And this is strange, can I start to suspect that development is being left a bit neglected?

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  • understaffed is the more correct description
  • the dependency on archlinuxarm does not speed anything up
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There have been delay from Arch linux arm project so we have to wait for the update.

They have updated recently so soon there will be a stable update. Plus there have been a huge kde plasma 6 release which have bugs on arm side so that is causing further delay.

No. not neglected. Instead there is more work but not much time as we all do handle this project during our free time without anything in return. I request some more patience and hopefully things will go back to normal.

Thank you for reporting the delay in update.


Thank you so much. You’re very kind. This reassures me. We’ll be patient. I hope the staffing issues can be resolved