Slow run firefox

I recently updated my manjaro. the problem I have is that firefox runs slowly. It takes about 10 seconds to run firefox.

my firefox version: 114.0.1 (64-bit)

read the thread of the last “stable update” here in the forum! everything is already explained !


Why would they do that when they can post the same question that has already been asked 464463574 times in the forum?

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Next time, please use the forum’s search function. :arrow_down:

As @Olli and @ben75 say, your question has already been asked before a gazillion times, and none of those people would have needed to ask this question in the first place if they had only read the first two posts on the latest Stable Updates announcement thread. :arrow_down:


I found that workaround on my own. It didn’t even cross my mind to search the internet for answers. I simply noticed that Firefox became slow AF after updating portal-gnome and decided to replace it with portal-gtk bc my desktop uses GTK anyway.

There is one caveat, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome in non-Gnome desktops is required for Flatpaks to function properly. And even then only for Flatpaks that required xdg-desktop-portal-gtk < 1.10.0

xdg-desktop-portal-gnome replaces xdg-desktop-portal-gtk <1.10.0

It’s a bit of a mess, if you can live without it, you can just remove …-portal-gnome, if for some reason you have flatpaks that need …-portal-gnome, just downgrade to xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 43.1, it will speed things up again.

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Nah, I tried a flatpak app once, then removed it. The flatpak is an absurd - wait an eternity to compile and install a few GB of packages only to run a small program that is just a few megabytes. It’s much easier to simply run the program with wine.

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Note to mod: searching the forum returns this thread. Also, searching from Google returns a thread where the moderator is also having a pissy fit about telling people to use the search form.

Possibly its because you use terms like ‘lag’ …
Topics and/or guides have no way of accounting for every possibility of someones chosen search terms.

Its a known issue thats been responded to, linked, and discussed in numerous threads with numerous phrasings … and the simple short and long of it is … its documented fine. All over the place.

Even in the Announcements thread itself … people ask the same question in miriad ways and people have multiple times quoted the same thread back to those users. Its kinda innane at this point really.

The first mention is over a month old:

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The problem may be a month old (!!) but for many users including myself it appeared in the last big update a week ago.

It’s not a great look for Manjaro to introduce a crippling bug in an update AND insult forum users trying to get help as well.

If Manjaro is really trying to be the easy version of Arch, then reading this forum on a regular basis should not be required. Otherwise, why not just run Arch and cut out the middleman?

It also only really affects users that have erroneously installed xdg-desktop-portal-gnome on non-gnome desktops (usually because of not paying attention when adding flatpak).

I dont think I’ve been insulting.

I’m also not manjaro.

Considering that Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution, the occurrence of bugs is inevitable, and if (the impersonal) you take your system seriously — or at any rate, seriously enough to post about your problems — then the very least you can do is read the update announcement threads, because the first two posts on each announcement thread always cover the expected issues and how to get around them.

It’s also not a great help to this community of helpful and unpaid volunteers that they have to deal with entitled and/or lazy users who insult them.

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