Should I use Kernel 5.8?

As a lot of mods and people on the forum might know I own a laptop with intel + nvidia hybrid laptop, aka optimus laptop as people here told me. See specs here: Help with First install on a 2 gpu notebook Dell Inspiron i15 gaming (7567)

I just downloaded from the website the latest xfce version of manjaro, and I noticed it comes with kernel 5.8.
Does this kernel being EOL, has any problems with the installing the tools and drivers required to use the nvidia-prime functionalities + using a second monitor with both the screens functioning as 2 different desktop areas ?
If not, what kernel should I use.

(Reminder, I’m not an Linux advanced user, I know how to edit files and change the chmod but I’m not experienced on linux, especially manjaro, so take easy on me guys :grin:)

Why make yourself unnecessarily stressed, choose the LTS kernel 5.4 the new LTS kernel 5.10 is already rolling

But where do I download a iso version with the kernel you suggested?

Are refering to this: Linux 5.10 will be the next long-term support Linux kernel | ZDNet ?

Gonna take a look.

see in testing for any lastest iso from dev

I read and understand that is the way to change the kernel, but let me rephrase my need. After what I gathered of information, I wanto know If I should wait until the manjaro team releases a manjaro version with the 5.10 LTS Kernel or Should I just install the OS with the current Kernel (5.8) and continue keeping the system up-to-date so when the 5.10 kernel becomes LTS I just change to it ?

I don’t have the OS installed yet. I’m researching before doing it , since any wrong doing is my fault alone, I don’t want to commit any errors

But I think in gui probably will be there, just not safe for long term use

you dont understand:
if your next computer is very new ,
the only way to check if this is good is to use latest version from dev iso

example : ryzen3 5000 series
you need to have any kernel 5.9 or more
see links for DE

version 5.10 is a RC ( release candidate ) means is a testing kernel , not stable
it’s not finished or well tested

so you can only use 5.9 , waiting in time version 5.10 release stable ,
and you can add this 5.10 LTS later

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Oh alright, so I’ll install the stable release and wait until 5.10 becomes LTS. My hardware is not new, most parts are already 4 years old

What I’d do is install it with the 5.8 kernel then update it to 5.9 … in case of issues, try the 5.4 LTS kernel at least as an interim measure until 5.10 is released.

The output of Terminal command
inxi --full --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host
may be of assistance as well. :smiley:

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I will reply with this command if a problem arises, when I install it, for sure :wink::+1:

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Yes, u can install and use with Kernel 5.8/5.9+. I have the same laptop and works fine here. I tested my nvidia playing ‘The Witcher 3’.

When you boot with pendrive to install and choose ‘Drivers nonfree’.

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Nice feedback, glad that I found someone with the same laptop finally. You didn’t have any issues installing the OS?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. To run aplications with Nvidia support, you should edit the menu options and put in command line ‘prime-run’(prime-run /usr/bin/vmware %U). When you launch the application(Game or VMware for example) they will run with Nvidia graphics support. It’s easy. I can play ‘The Witcher 3’ and anothers games easy.

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Nice, I feel more secure now, did you test any secondary monitor (external monitor) to see if they work ?

No until now.

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If It not much to ask could you test it @xAndre ? I’m planning to use it and I don’t know if it works