Should I use Kernel 5.8?

No, I can’t.

Since I am not able to start a topic in the forum yet, I am adding a reply to this one.

I’ve noticed that Manjaro is updating to linux59 by default and that this is very problematic for users with NVIDIA GPUs. I had my system broken recently because of that and had to resort to a live USB to fix things.

My first question is: why Manjaro is taking this route of adopting kernel updates so early when it is widely known that they can break the system? Most users I know install Manjaro because it is a nicer version of Arch with everything just working out of the box, with a more stable experience. This has not been the case for me recently.

And a second question: I tried to update the system today and noticed a few updates like the linux-firmware-20201120.r1785.bc9cd0b-1. I don’t know what a linux-firmware is in this context, and would like to know where I can find information about potential breaks before executing the update?

I have manually uninstalled linux59 last week using the mhwd-kernel -r linux59 command, and everything works fine in linux58 with NVIDIA. Can you please comment on other best practices for users who are not willing to break their systems again?

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Hello @juliohm :slight_smile:

I use nvidia also and had 0 problems. I guess the problem was more that you used the 440xx driver and kernel 5.9 has no support for them. Therefore it will break your system if you don`t use a supported driver.

$ pacman -Sg linux59-extramodules | grep nvidia
linux59-extramodules linux59-nvidia-390xx
linux59-extramodules linux59-nvidia-450xx
linux59-extramodules linux59-nvidia-455xx

If you really want a stable experience i would suggest to stay on LTS Kernels like 5.4. Newer Kernels have new features, but they are also not well tested even if they are stable it does not mean there are no problems.

the linux firmware comes from here:

And as you can see, it add hardware support, fixes etc… But it doesn’t include nvidia drivers, they come optional.

As mentioned above… did you install nvidia driver 450/455 ? 440 has been dropped since kernel 5.9.

And it would be good to follow the #announcements. Most people had no problems at all with the update from 2020-11-22. But if nobody mention anything there, nobody can listen.

Greetz, Megavolt

Thank you @megavolt, I’ve already fixed my situation last week. I am assuming that I can go ahead and install the firmware update without problems.

I am sticking to linux58 now since everything is working fine with it.