Set to 100mb/s by default/auto

Had to dig in the network settings to set my network speed to full gigabit after I set it to manual (thought my isp was throttling me for a second). Is there a driver I need to “install” / why is this the default setting. Idk because even the kernel modules weren’t installed by default.

What do you mean?
What steps did you need to take?

Right clicking on the menu and clicking on configure does not bring up network settings. Going into network does not show any real settings. Had to go into advanced network configuration to change link negotiation to manual. Then from there had to set speed to full gigabit. Why.

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I am literally asking why its like this. This was a fresh install. Went to a speed test and my speeds were weird. Do I need a different driver for my nic. Why should I have to dig in the settings to get full speed. And then you post a copy paste at me. Might as well stay on garuda where stuff actually just works.

And I literally posted a link on how to request support, you clearly did not read it.

Good luck!

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Please use words, not invented abbreviations.

What kernel modules? By definition, kernel modules are installed by default because they’re included in the kernel.

…as opposed to figuratively asking? :thinking:

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Please help us help you. See:

I think i understand what OP is asking. At least on XFCE, the default setting seem to be ignore instead of auto. I currently do not have cable to test if that makes a difference.


My guess is that your network interface could not be positively identified.

The Automatic setting of Link Negotiation will usually select the safest speed when specific characteristics of your NIC can’t be identified; thus preventing all kinds of potential damage. Ignore is another safe default, under the same circumstances.

This is by design.

I hope this goes some way toward explaining “Why?”.

I found a nice explanation here

So im most cases ignore means 1Gbps, the OP obviously being one of the few exceptions (depending on the driver).

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Seems like half of the people on here just want to talk instead of help. I’m just going back to a distro that works out of the box , and I don’t have to go to a forum to figure out if I need to install some sort of driver and have someone tell me I didn’t post the ■■■■■■■ way they like instead of providing an answer.

Also providing conflicting information is super helpful. If the kernel modules are installed by default then why was I told they werent when I was asking for help to install my wireless module for my Xbox controller and had to install kernel modules to install the dkms module for my controller. Mind boggling.

Randomly applying the duck test, or MontyPythonian Witch Logic is hardly a valid means for comparison of Linux distributions.

These copy/pastes, as you call them, are meant to help people such as yourself who have limited experience with Manjaro, or Linux in general.

If you balk at the mere suggestion of reading these tutorials, I have to ask: Is Manjaro the right distribution for you?.

Incidentally, networks drivers are typically baked into a kernel - they are really quite rudimentary. Drivers for an Xbox controller, for example, are most certainly separate from the kernel; or should be.

I had to tinker alot to get dmks module to install properly. Meanwhile I only had to literally install the aur package on Garuda. And my nic worked fine full speed out of the box. These are my complaints Day 1. I wonder what else I will find. Because these are literally problems I never once had over a year of using garuda and yes I was just looking to switch for fun. But whatever. If this is how this community is I’m not staying.


Also if you need people to fill out a support ticket for support on a free operating system. Just say so. This is a hobby not a job.

Are you now attempting to belittle Manjaro simply because it’s given to you without charge? Here’s a tip: There’s always a cost; and for open source software, that cost is the willingness to learn. You haven’t even bothered; and yes, we know if you followed any of the links given.

You are expected to help yourself by providing enough information to help others help you. That’s why the tutorials are important; the same tutorials that you seem unwilling to read. They tell you how to get information from your system, and how to present it to maximise readability, and allow others to help you more effectively.

As it stands, your question has been answered, and reasons explained, and there is even a link to see more information.

Did you bother to read them? No.
What more do you expect, to be spoon fed?
Take some responsibility.


Bro I fixed my problems myself. I came here asking for help and clarification and was told immediately I didn’t post right when there are no rules mentioning this when signing up, making a post, and the rules for making a support post are hidden on a stickied post called about the support category. I’m not attacking anyone I’m saying this is a hobby for ME and I came to the one place I knew to ask for help and everyone was just like lol you don’t know what you are doing and didn’t post right. And it’s clear that nobody actually knows what I’m asking about still, because I came here after a fresh install and nobody thinks to ask or say anything just assuming I didn’t read or find any documentation and the first thing I did was post here.

Did posts 8, 9, and 10 fail to give you satisfactory clarification?

Did you think these links were offered purely for amusement?:

There is also a Tutorials category in which you might have found useful information. Not to mention Site Search at the top of the page.

Here’s another that is usually offered:

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What a bunch of supremacists. I come here asking for help and its like pulling teeth. You don’t want to actually provide help and just attack people for not knowing hidden information. You link a bunch of replies from this post but none of that was obvious when I was signing up or actually looking for it and if there are rules for posting they should be told to the user before posting so the people who are “helping” don’t attack people for not knowing the rules. You act like everyone should go digging for information when this is the place to ask for help. It’s still crazy how these questions are still never ones I never had to before because the stuff just worked and I was wondering if there was something special I needed to do as this is a new distro to me. Am I being disrespectful by asking for help and information because you act like I am. The answers provided didn’t answer that initial question of do I need to install a driver because this is not expected behavior.
Honestly angry asking for help.

You asked for help. Help was given. Links were given to help; in the form of easy-to-click links; which you didn’t bother to read. The reasons for these links have been explained. You could have saved yourself all this apparent anguish by simply reading. There is no hostility here; only annoyance that you seem to be treating the forum like Burger King.

When you have finished with your entitled opinions you will be welcome to ask questions in a format that’s more likely to generate help.