Set Nemo as default filemanager

After installing Nemo (simply via add/remove software), how do I set it as the default file manager to use?
Because it seems Nautilus files is still triggered all the time. It’s used when opening several different file types.

I am on Manjaro 21.1.3 with Gnome.

Settings-Default Applications-Utilities-File Manager. This is in xfce, it is probably similar in Gnome.

Default Applications doesn’t have File Manager as item.

Only web browser, email, calendar, photos, video, music.

It was the first place I looked. I expected it to be there.

You can try this command in a terminal window

xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory

and see if it helps.

Unfortunately it does not.
Tested: download a file via Firefox, then select Open Containing Folder.
This will open the default (Nautilus) Filemanager.

I am afraid of completely uninstalling Nautilus (not sure if that is possible without installing critical stuff).

I would expect something like this to be quite easy… especially since Nemo is quite popular.

Initially I posted this question here but my post got hidden: Installing a different file manager than files - #31 by zilexa

But it shows more people successfully switched to Nemo. Not clear how.

When I do this:

xdg-mime query default inode/directory                           ✔ 

When I rightclick a folder and select “Open Width>Other Application…” it shows Nemo is the default for directories.

Still, when I open a folder via Firefox Downloads, it opens Nautilus.

Not a setting exactly, but it worked for me.
try the following steps:

  1. On the file manager (Files) right-click on a file and selected Open With -> Other Application...
  2. From the new window find and select Nemo
  3. Click on Set as Default
  4. Click OK and you should be done

Hope it helps.

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Check in ~/.config/mimeappslist or ~/.local/share/applications /mimeappslist if there are still entries by default set with nautilus.desktop, to replace with nemo.desktop.

@salvocos that’s not helpful. Each filetype has its own default app. I can’t know which filetypes are associated with Nautilus. Also, doing it for each filetype is definitely not a desired way to switch from one filemanager to the other.

But the only issue currently observe is simply with directories opened from Firefox download manager.

-Directories, as said, are already associated with Nemo by default.

  • I see ~/.config/mimeappslist already contains: [Default Applications] inode/directory=nemo.desktop @Falav
  • There is no such file in ~/.local/share/applications

Strangely, I didn’t do anything different but after a reboot (not after session restart), Firefox now does open folders in Nemo!


You are right, shame on me to give such a silly suggestions.
By the way, I was curious to know why you changed to Nemo.

I was fine using Files but I had to switch because it keeps crashing when coping files between tabs using keyboard shortcuts.
Really hope it will be solved in GNOME 41.

For me it’s not really a full file manager.
I come from Ubuntu Budgie, which uses Nemo by default. I have used both Windows and Mac for many years. Even Mac file manager has more options than Nautilus.
No access to the address bar is one. Also the spacing between items is huge. I hate having to actually zoom out to get a normal view of my files.

I see your point, I guess the lack of option is a reflection of the GNOME philosophy.
I really like Nemo although I wanted to remove the top title bar but it impossible.
I asked Mint developers and they replied to me that it cannot be removed because of the Mint design philosophy (again), so I guess I will have to live with it :smiley:

It’s one reason why I prefer Budgie.
Gnome devs focus on minimalism is not a bad thing, but they lost their minds and it hurts intuitivity of the total experience and hurts common basic functionality.

That’s why I like Budgie: same minimalism but much more sane decisions (a huge focus for them) to provide a wonderful experience.

I’t just that I don’t know if Manjaro Budgie (a community driven thing) is faced with the same issues as Ubuntu Budgie. In that case I prefer to wait until there is a new major release from Solus, the guys behind Budgie, before switching from Manjaro Gnome to Manjaro Budgie.

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