Sea of Thieves not Working on Manjaro

Try linking through a VM if you can, I had already installed windows in order to get SoT working. Which has lead to a lot of problems moving back to Manjaro for some reason. Once it’s linked, you no longer have to use it on windows, though I would recommend against installing windows itself.

I did this for proton 5.0

Not sure if this is what you’re after but it’s the process I went through to get it working.

Tried winhttp.dll again but it did not work, tried win7 with protontricks but it didn’t work either. I cannot find a way to use that patch file, there are no files named after the ones it tries to modify.

Edit: also tried linking in windows (VM did not work and installed dual boot) it also did nothing

And also my main question was not “Why this game does not work in Linux?”, my question was “Why this game does not work in Manjaro?”. Because I can play it on another distro. I want to submit some logs to developers or who can help me to understand what is wrong in the distro. Or at least point me something to look and fix for myself. I do not think in-game or proton related solutions will fix anything at this point. Thanks for the previous replies.

Can you launch it with lutris instead of natively through steam (you can use steam in lutris). Lutris will show you the log (press terminal icon) while the game is loading and will show where it fails. You might see something there

It works on Manjaro according to all the reports on ProtonDB. It doesn’t work on your side, difference.

I doubt you actively follow Proton development, so I’m comming back here to let you know there is a new Proton version available in Steam, so I suggest you to clean everything, select the new Proton 5.13 globally in Steam, and try again. That may solve issues you had on your side with the game and Proton.

This shows the same logs as I start steam from konsole and there is no error after the game launches

But what could be the problem if a fresh install does not work for me?

Deleted all custom protons and cleared their leftovers and moved the game to the steam library in home (thought that could be a problem) and selected new proton from the steam settings but no luck.

So I found the problem but cannot solve it. I tried to connect to internet from my phone with USB tethering and opened the game. It worked!

But when I try to play with my home internet it still does not work.
I now know this issue is not a Manjaro issue but I can play in another distro with my home internet. So the issue seams to be about my ISP and Manjaro combined. How can I tell my problem to the ISP or solve it on my own?

Maybe try to find info about your ISP, and if they block something, if they have limitation on your connection. It is very possible, I can testify that in my country some ISP for example can split the port range you have access to between multiple client, or can simply block or allow some ports to be opened.

Not sure how you could diagnose this, but first looking into your ISP info could be a good start to try to circumvent the issue in a way, once you know what (if?) they are doing.

I know that in my country all ISP’s use IP pools and don’t give static IP’s without extra money and block ports with it. I was considering getting static IP for another use but still hesitant about it. It is probably about blocking ports but I wonder how Windows and the other distro I tried the game with comes over this.

Then it is maybe not your ISP. You found a relevant information, with another connection on your Manjaro system, it works, so now it may be related directly to your ISP, maybe, or most likely to a misconfiguration somewhere in your Manjaro.

//EDIT: Try to give your Steam and Proton log after you launch the game on your ISP connection with official Proton. Maybe we can look for connection error log somewhere in them? Try to give a full description of your Network connection configuration, and everything you customized regarding it.

I recently broke my Manjaro system and made a clear install with Architect, so there is no tweak or customization in my connection. I only tried with official proton (5.13-1) so there are no unnecessary cache in my files too. I am now trying to get and upload logs, will edit this reply.

Edit: Could not get the log with the link you posted above so this is the log from when I started the game to when I exited

Proton log:

Maybe your architect installation is missing something then, that may be a possibility.

Also I think it is time How to provide good information

I just tried architect if I could handle the installation process and did nothing extra (and hope nothing less). And the architect installation happened 2-3 days ago.

OK you reinstalled since you opened the thread.

Right off the bat, I see an issue, You’re using kernel 5.9 which is incompatible with Nvidia drivers currently, as explained in the announcement threads. Also are you using the Hybrid configuration provided by Manjaro or did you install video drivers manually in a different way? Not solving the network issue but that’s an issue.

I see you’re using the r8169 network driver, you may try installing the r8168 from System Settings -> Hardware Configuration menu if it is available there. As you have another way of connecting to the internet you could always connect to the internet (and/or uninstall the drivers) if you have an issue then so no big risk trying that. Note that if you have issue connecting after installing these drivers, try to shutdown the computer completely, and unplug the network cable for 15 seconds, then plug the cable back and restart.

I installed proprietary Nvidia drivers manually and configured myself. And when I tried with my phones internet the FPS was 60ish which is close to my older Windows installation which I don’t have now. So the driver works for me (I don’t think it causes another issue for now) but thanks for the warning.

I installed r8168 and after I rebooted there are updates on most of the things so I am posting my “inxi -Fazy” again.

The game still does not work .

And I installed Manjaro to my brothers computer to try if my computer and manjaro does not get along well but the issue is the same.

I purchased static ip and the problem is gone but still confused why it works on windows etc… Thanks for helping everybody.

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