Random trash files appearing in /home directory, why and how to delete effectively?

If this is btrfs, then i had this same problem (maybe a year ago)
I have to look in the forum to find my solution :wink:

Please have a look at:

1st step of solution:

from live usb

  • DO not use GUI to solve this mess ! (do everything in a terminal-window)

  • mount the filesystem to /mnt

  • you may use mc if you want

  • create a new folder /mnt/home/user2 (with same user and permission as “user”

  • move (!) all directories and files (without the bad ones)

  • move /mnt/home/user to /mnt/home/user_bad

  • move /mnt/home/user2 to /mnt/home/user

  • umount

  • forget about /mnt/home/user_bad :wink:

Maybe 6 months later I managed to delete those files. (Because the thread had been closed, i could not add my last solution) So I can’t remember exactly how i deleted them :wink: Since they are size 0, they shouldn’t hurt.

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

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inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width
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This always is a good start. (and prevents a lot of questions)

Please also check your kernel-version, and go to the newest LTS if possible



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