Prefer AUR for identically named package in the community repo

I noticed that ledger-live-bin is available in both the community repo as well as the AUR. The community repo currently has version 2.25 while the AUR is up to version 2.26.1. I prefer the AUR package for this app and proceeded to install ledger-udev and ledger-live-bin from pamac. However, pamac has now registered as though I installed ledger-live-bin from the community repo, although it shows the right version that I installed from the AUR.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there a proper way to mask the package from the community repo so that I only prefer the AUR version for updates?

No, it’s not.

ledger is in Community

ledger-live-bin is in the AUR

They don’t even look like they are related.

Yes, it is.

It is also in community

Yes this happen when a package is both in the AUR and in the official repo

No, you need to install the AUR pkgbuild manually

git clone
cd ledger-live-bin
makepkg -SicC

As a side note I really wish this kind of amateurish packaging was not in the Manjaro repo

It’s quite common for Manjaro packagers to import AUR packages to our community repo.

If one of the Manjaro packages like that is out of date, you can report it here:

Huh? :thinking:

Adding to the repo -bin pkgbuilds instead of building from source, there are also another couple of packages like that, a thing I could expect from an amateurish distro.

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I was able to install this by explicitly using pamac build from the CLI:

pamac build ledger-udev ledger-live-bin

It offered me the community version and I was able to select No to force the build from the AUR.

I have the impression that some packages may be slightly older in the Manjaro repos, including Community, in order to offer additional stability. For this specific package, I wanted the latest in order to get the latest firmware for my Ledger device.

I don’t mind following version updates from the AUR for this. My original question was that now that I’ve made that decision, is there a way to get Manjaro to ignore the package from the Community repo altogether? I get a warning whenever I upgrade packages now, although it’s likely harmless:

Warning: ledger-live-bin: local (2.26.1-1) is newer than community (2.25.0-1)

From this thread, it seems like that’s not possible. This is fine if this is the expected behavior in this case. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a key step and risking breaking this package in the future.

Thanks to everyone for their prompt responses.

Not in this case. In general, this is how it normally works:

Yes, it is. I have several like that. :wink:

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Thanks @Yochanan for the explanations. Looks like I’m all good and I’ve learned a bit about the Manjaro package management process.

Sounds like professional courtesy

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