Poor performace on kernel 5.10 with nvidia 455 proprietery driver

hello everyone

i have a dual Gpu laptop(Intel/NVIDIA)

after the OS and Kernel updates i tried using my NVIDIA GPU for regular browsing(i chose only NVIDIA in optimus-manager-qt)and i have what seems to me as screen tearing;
on regular scrolling through text pages and in video watching(Youtube and VLC)
and also in general in the OS.(moving windows and stuff)

from the little testing i’ve done so far it doesn’t seem to happen on the Intel Gpu.

is it an issue with the 455 driver and kernel 5.10, or something on my part?

i saw in another thread that there’s a problem right now with prime-synchronization, but since I’m quit a novice,I’m not sure if that’s related to me.



I’ve got 5.10 and 455 driver too. I’m not experiencing any problems with that setup so far.

My intuition is that driver 455 might not be the right one for your Nvidia card. If you have a laptop with both Intel/Nvidia graphics, i believe you should be looking at drivers like video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime, otherwise the open source driver video-linux should also work fine, if you aren’t using advanced GPU features.

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Well did you read it all?

I guess now we just have to wait for it to make its way to our repos

Until then you can stay with 5.9

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my card is a mobile 1050 and i am using a laptop.
the 455xx driver worked fine for me .
i am using video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime and i definitely don’t want to use the open source ones.
are you on a desktop?

I’m fine for now since I’m not yet using the NVIDIA card for gaming.

i wonder if other people experience that too;i haven’t seen posts about it on the forum.

There are multiple issues which affect multiple people. The two main problems are: PRIME synchronization, and PCI-Express runtime power is broken; and while the former is fixed by the current beta drivers (460xx), the latter is not. I suggest returning to Linux 5.4 for now, where both work fine.

i meant that I’ve read many threads of people having issues here after the OS and Kernel update,but didn’t see any talking about screen tearing while using the Nvidia Gpu.
i just saw you’re post in another thread about a different issue,where you posted the links about the issue with Nvidia 455 driver and the 5.10 kernel. :

I’ll stay for now on 5.10 since I’m currently not pressed to use the Nvidia gpu and wait for the official release of the 460 drivers hoping it’ll solve my problem.
unless there is a work around;maybe editing some files or something in the nvidia settings,but i’m still not familiar with these.

P.S just saw a person talking about screen tearing but not sure what Driver he is using:

it seems weird i seem to be the only one affected by it over here.

The screen tearing you mention in your original post could be a result of PRIME synchronization not being enabled (this applies if you use optimus-manager in the “nvidia” mode and experience screen tearing on the internal screen), and this affects multiple people.

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anyway to enable enable it,or is it the driver/kernel issue?

Yes. As I’ve said, I recommend switching to Linux 5.4 (if you don’t use snap), or Linux 5.9 (if you use snap) for the time being.

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