Plasma desktop layout lost

Plasma desktop layout is lost. It was okay before last shutdown. But when I boot up just now, desktop configuration is lost and also wallpaper is gone and turned into black. All the widgets and icons I’ve set up in desktop are not there. :worried:
It happens quite often in my pc nowadays. Configuring & setting up desktop layout is a hassle. :persevere:

How do I stop automatically losing my Manjaro KDE’s desktop configuration? :thinking:

I’ve asked this question on Manjaro Community [en] group on Telegram but haven’t got any answer.

for those settings to get lost is it required, that your folder either loses the right to be red,
or are being deleted by some action.
I am using plasma for many many years I can not confirm such a behavior.
Maybe you deleted those folders starting with a “.” like “.confilg” or “.local” ?
Can you maybe remember what you were doing before the last shutdown?


It happened again today and I clearly remember that I was browsing internet and doing my programming work before last shutdown. I haven’t deleted or removed any files or folders before last shutdown. I know that .config or .local folders contains important files, so I am careful about those folders.

I’m disturbed, why this issue is happening again and again…

Something similar happens to me maybe once a month or less. One workaround is to make a backup of a Plasma configuration file and then restore it whenever the desktop settings are lost.

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But this isn’t a permenant solution. If I don’t get the solution, I’ll think to move on to Fedora.

Let’s get some basics.

Ok, No. 3 here: I have the same sort of issue usually with the frequency noted.

Cases I noticed are:
-) desktop icons previously was arranged manually according to earlier settings, and after I rebooted PC a few times and it worked well, and suddenly the setting resets to auto-arrange and icons got moved from old to new potion on my desktop;
-) desktop or login screen wallpaper suddenly could change from plain black color to some picture without any direct action from me.

Perhaps updates are involved, IDK.
It 's a rare issue and can’t reproduce: like happens randomly, I still can’t recognize a pattern/trigger leads to the issue. I noticed this on my PC at least a half of year ago.

I did not clean KDE cache folders and files for a long time. They could be a possible source of the issue.
I did clean it now (KDE - ArchWiki) and will check if the issue will happen again.

I noticed that:
usually I got about 1.3 GB RAM used after I enter user’s GUI desktop for my configuration.
I cleaned up KDE stuff and whole cache folder (but before to clean I logged off from GUI session and went into tty2 textual session).
After reboot I see that RAM usage is about 800 MB.