Pinephone will ship with Manjaro next

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Has there been any word on when a system image for the Pinephone with Lomiri shell will be added to the main download mirror?

Well, when I checked the size of our Phosh image it was 1,07 GB. You can check my upload and the one Bernhard did.

We are still working with UBPorts on that release. Most of the port is done. We only have to stabilize #Lomiri on our end.


Thanks for the update philm! That’s good news!

Yes thanks phil :slight_smile:

I have some questions regarding Lomiri, don’t know whether this is the proper place for it, or if it is deserves it’s own thread, but here goes: how exactly will Lomori work in the Manjaro release? Will it have Arch running underneath? Will it come with the ‘usual’ Arch + Manjaro package repositories that we known and love? :wink: Thanks for any answer/clarification.

I can’t get it right now, but it definitely looks promising! I just have a few questions –

How’s the experience with Facebook, Instagram, etc? The matter of the fact is some people don’t care/know about options for their privacy, so I have to hang on with them :wink:

Is the experience actually at a solid user experience right now? What’s it like when packages don’t exist? I think building stuff mitigates that, but I’m not positive :man_shrugging:

That’s all. Hope this is really is as good as it seems :crossed_fingers:

So, I know the real thing is coming soon, but I wanted to go ahead and say, Lomiri on Manjaro is good stuff. It is obviously still getting work, but it runs smoothly (the things that run). I feel like it is the smoothest DE for the PP so far, but I haven’t played in plasma for a while.

Don’t know if you all want a list of things still broken or not (to help with work), but I’d happily oblige. Obviously in a different forum post…

However, this is just as good as I had hoped it would be, now just to see what kinda issues there will be with putting apps on it…

Thanks again for the hard work, let me know if you’re looking for testers! Can’t wait for the CE version from you all!

I found the resources below helpful.

List of tested carriers

PINE64 › PinePhone › PinePhone Software › Manjaro on PinePhone

Well, i wish my next phone will be PinePhone. I currently have OnePlus 6 with custom kernel.

I’m on the same boat. What OS do you run on your OnePlus 6 as a daily driver currently?
I’ve long relied on LineageOS and tried UTouch recently but it is not usable yet on OP6.

As I understand it, this smartphone is not for the average user or to be use as a main unit. Isn’t it ?

When can we expect a smartphone like this usable by everyone ? (one year or more ?)

I am not really interested in the average user or everyone. I’ve been on the edge for picking up a PinePhone because I think it might be (almost!) usable as a daily device for me. I am anxiously watching my wallet if it can handle a Manjaro PinePhone, because the Manjaro branding is just enough to tip the scales for me. (Pray for my wallet, it’s still recovering from two new mechanical keyboards…)

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I’m very interested by this smartphone but I read on the net that it is not ready yet to replace a smartphone sell on the market. That’s why I posted here. I want to replace my old mobile phone by a smartphone, but only by a Linux smartphone and not by an android smartphone.

@ AlanP
May be in some weeks, but till now it is not ready to replace a smartphone.
In combination with crust, telefon funktion is not very stable yet.
To go for sure, just wait a little bit.

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No problem, I’m waiting. :wink:

It’s so cool! Been waiting so long to get a pinephone, just found the money for it at the same time that the Manjaro edition is comming.


Working with a GiffGaff sim in the UK. On the P64 CE postOS 3GB phone. The alpha4-with-phosh-pinephone OS.

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Cool. So that’s one sim supplier that works for the phone in the uk. I’ll try EE when I have saved enough pennies to buy a pinephone cool. So that’s one sim supplier that works for the phone in the uk. I’ll try EE when I have saved enough pennies to buy a pinephone :slight_smile:

We pushed out some new images: Lomiri, Phosh, Plamo. Use the dedicated bug-trackers to post your findings, thx.

Giffgaff works which means all the network over O2 will work.
I have tested with giffgaff