Pinephone will ship with Manjaro next

This is sweet, honestly looking forward to this device. All i personally need is for the wifi+cell data, SMS+Calling send+receive to be stable; in other words, a basic phone. After that is done i can pretty much put away my android smartphone. Great work Manjaro team! :grin:

PS: smoothness wont hurt either… definitely wont. :rofl:

Guys - did you decide which image will be put on the new pinephones ?

And congrats - actually I was waiting for this release to buy and help Manjaro project this way.
Thanks for your work - it’s greatly appreciated.

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I have another question which will (I suppose) depends on that one.
With the Manjaro Pinephone, will there be a “Night light” mode, or at least a blue light filter as an app? My poor eyes really need this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Great news anyway!

you can try Redshift from AUR.

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Red Shift is in the repo’s

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I tried that one but it was giving errors (can’t remember exactly…maybe randr and something else?)
redshift-wayland-git from AUR works for me

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I just tried to purchase a Pine Phone but it appears there is no mode of shipping to Oklahoma, USA? Anyone else have trouble purchasing due to lack of available shipping? I sent email to sales@ but have not yet received a reply.

I do not have a pine phone but I live next door to you in Arkansas. If it is being shipped fro Germany it seems like Germany has issues shipping to the states. I think I remember a friend had to jump through hoops to get some electronic boxes shipped to his business to sell.

@Darksky Howdy neighbor!

I believe they are being shipped from Taiwan, but I could be mistaken.

This is such great news that a company will give money to the team to help improve Manjaro! Will you tell us about how many units are sold and how much money Manjaro gets? It will be great for everyone to see how good Manjaro is!

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When placing an order for the Pinephone, you must purchase it separately from any accessories. If you try to combine them on a single order, you will get the message that no shipping is available.

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How long is the battery lasting on average usage with phosh or plasama, Any experiences yet?

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Says Hong Kong

Between 2 and 10 hours for me
If the modem has to work often or for a long time the batt is empty within 2 hours easily

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well to be available modem is always on. Did you try Plasma or Phosh?

No big difference… all builds ATM have a bad and buggy modem handling. No Manjaro problem, UB-Touch, Plasma-mobile, mobian… all have similar problems.
So You have two chances:

Modem works OK —> drains battery
Modem in deep sleep and erroneous wakeup --> good battery life

Somebody already tested this???

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The phone will ship with manjaro phosh