Pamac is broken

#8 is exactly the things i did, that were proposed in the thread i sent you, isnt it?

All of it. See @Mirdarthos’ post above for how to insert the output in your post.

I know how, but i feel like there is information i dont want to share.

Do you want to be helped or not?

Not that way, i try to fix it myself then.

Thank you for the help guys, you can close this thread now.

You can always review the output you see on your screen before sharing anything. At least the desktop environment and kernel you use is something of interest. There are common info and personal info, the later you can avoid to share. Like I use linux65 and used the Gnome install media 22.1 to get Manjaro installed.

When i find some of the information helpful, i come back later and mark it as solution.

If you want us to troubleshoot a problem, then we need information about your system, and we need to see the error messages verbatim. No guesses, no vague descriptions.

If for whatever reason you do not want to cooperate, then please stop wasting our time. We are all only unpaid volunteers here.

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Also, if you’d have read and worked through the links for the info I sent you, you’d have seen there is no personally identifiable information in the output.



I told you im sorry. Its not information i want to share. You can delete my account, i befind this community to be very unfriendly. Good bye.

Thread is going nowhere and getting there fast. Member does not want to be helped. :man_shrugging: