Pamac always showing update for flatpak packages

After I updated everything pamac still shows active updates for flatpak packages org.freedesktop.Platform (2 with different versions), org.gnome.Platform and org.kde.Platform (2 with different versions)
Running update all of them doesn’t do anything

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Try runnning this command:

flatpak upgrade

It’s already upgraded

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And what should I do?
Looks like bug is not fixed

check if it is reported or not yet: Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab

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Not reported

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Same issue here. Happened on two different editions of Manjaro; KDE and Cinnamon.

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Same issue on Gnome. This is what is constantly shown in pacman:

I’m getting the same thing:


I’ve disabled Flatpak support for now.

I have a similar problem —

…and it will not go away by clicking apply. flatpak update && flatpak upgrade says it’s everything ok.

I can’t remove it because I need kdenlive and the package is marked as a dependency.

Anyway, it seems it’s just a nuisance (everything is working ok otherwise).

Try flatpak upgrade with your useraccount, not as root.

This fixed the problem several times for me.