Over 250GB available BUT not enough space error

the output is too long, in terminal I can’t even scroll up to the command anymore :-/

Okay, I won’t do the defrag :smiley:
I will read the articles :+1:

You could use xclip and pipe the output of those commands to it…

alias xc='xclip -selection clipboard'
<some command> | xc

First install xclip ofcourse :wink:

Hope it aint something related to btrfs as im also using that inside a luks like OP ughhh

sorry, but can you show how to use xclip on the actual command? Still learning linux…

I just mentioned it:

Which means:

  • Create an alias for easy use to paste in forum
  • add “| xc” after the command(s) to put the output in the clipboard buffer.
    (That first char is a vertical bar !)

After each command post the clipboard buffer in your reply in code blocks by pasting eg. SHIFT+INS

sudo du --human-readable /tmp/bare_btrfs_root/timeshift-btrfs | xclip -selection clipboard

But as you say

it indicates that you have accumulated a heap of subvolumes in timeshift_btrfs volume

Try again launching btrfs-assistant → subvolumes → lower left corner check Include …

If you have btrfs and are “out of space”:

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

There you will find:

a) What happend
b) What to do to repair
c) What to do, to not get out of space again

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btrfs is able to list all snapshots/subvolumes :wink:

Either use timeshift or use snapper. Don´t use them at the same time together :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Defrag with btrfs is no solution for “no space left”. It will only get worse !

The good news:

There is a simple solution (in the wiki)

care to share in this thread without linking to a page :rofl:

It’s actually a very informative page on btrfs - better than most I have seen.

Oh for sure! i have imidiatly bookmarked it :wink:

If the snapshot take space, you can check them like that:

export UUID=$(findmnt -n -o UUID /)

export MNTPNT=$(mktemp -d -t "btrfs.XXX")

sudo mount -m -U "$UUID" "$MNTPNT"

for x in $(sudo btrfs subvolume list "$MNTPNT" | cut -d' ' -f9); do 
   echo ">>> Subvolume: $x"
   sudo btrfs filesystem du -s "$MNTPNT/$x"

sudo umount "$MNTPNT"  

And a one-liner:

export UUID=$(findmnt -n -o UUID /); export MNTPNT=$(mktemp -d -t "btrfs.XXX"); sudo mount -m -U "$UUID" "$MNTPNT"; sleep 3 && for x in $(sudo btrfs subvolume list "$MNTPNT" | cut -d' ' -f9); do echo ">>> Subvolume: $x"; sudo btrfs filesystem du -s "$MNTPNT/$x"; sleep 3; done && sudo umount "$MNTPNT"

after terminal crashed while performing “sudo du --human-readable /tmp/bare_btrfs_root/timeshift-btrfs | xclip -selection clipboard” I decided to delete all my snapshots (just 4 total) and now free space is increasing somehow!
I am not sure if will be what I expect but at least something is happening here…

Please for the sake of our mental states, drop the mount/umount and change them to systemd-mount/systemd-umount please???

I am sorry, but what?
do you mean to mount my external drive somewhere else?

Whaaat??? :exploding_head:
Ok my brains just crashed now… :v:

No. This is to komplex for an easy …

You have to know why btrfs acts this way to pervent it in the future. This is only doable after reading some stuff. Without reading the wiki or the btrfs-homepage someone may make things worse to a point where he seems to have no way out.

If you understand what happened, you will find your way out by yourself !

I am now at 395 GB free space.
Please do not ask me, how this is possible by just 4 snapshots not including the /home folder…

No, it mounts the toplevel of your btrfs partition and checks the subvolume sizes.

In reply to your question mark emote, see: :wink:

ok understood :wink: