Not able to boot Manjaro USB

Hi All,
I am new to Manjaro and would very much like to install and try it on my PC (All in one Vaio with Legacy Nvidia 340.xx). BIOS based Not UFEI.

I have been using Linux for some time and used Ubuntu, Fedora with no issues (although I had to add Nvidia Drivers,).

Now I am trying to boot from a Manjaro USB and I keep getting Black screen. I did use several Kernel Parameter options (including Nomodeset), but nothing is working !!!

Would appreciate any help?

Did you try to boot up with free drivers, with the 20.03 iso?

Yes, tried both Free and non free

Maybe try to remove the quiet parameter. Maybe then there is displayed a hint at what position it hangs.

I did and it hangs after TLP service

Which version? 20.03 or 20.1 ?

It is 20.1. Should I try 20.03 ?

I tried old ones and had the same problem. Not sure if I did specifically tried 20.03 though!

Well it uses linux56, which is EOL (end of life), but worth a try. 20.1 is brand new.

sorry you meant the Architect version? no haven’t tried it yet!

Will give it a shot and let you know. cheers,

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Lastly there was a similiar problem… One couldn’t install Manjaro with kernels higher than linux54. He was only able to install Manjaro with this iso: manjaro-gnome-19.0.2-200312-linux54. Maybe you have the same issue.

Once installed you can upgrade to the latest version anyway.

I will try both 20.03 and this one. Thanks,

I tried the iso you indicated (not the 20.03) and got the same problem. Could not boot into installer. See attached.


Ok normally it would look like this:

Reached target Graphical Interface.
Starting TLP system startup/shutdown...
Applying power save settings...done.
Setting battery charge thresholds...done.
Finished TLP system startup/shutdown.

So there is a problem with the Powersaving settings, means with the ACPI.

I would suggest to add acpi_osi to tell the UEFI/BIOS that you are running Windows. For the latest Windows 10, it is:

acpi_osi="Windows 2020"

Here is a list:

Try what could fit.

Or run it with


Ok, where do I add this -:slight_smile:

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When the grub menu of the live disk appear type E and write it there:

Then type F10 to boot.

I tried the above and now it keep hanging as per the Attached !!!

What exactly did you try? All options in the list of the link?

Most of them and then acpi=off

2008, 2015, 2020

With nomodeset and without nomodeset

Free and non free !

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