No text in Pamac settings menu after new GUI

There was an update to Pamac today which implements a nicer looking interface! While I’m happy about this it also introduces a problem: Text seems to no longer render in the preferences menu, it’s impossible to tell what some menus and checkboxes are for… I also see some dark borders around the window. I use the Breeze GTK theme.

In addition, though this is a separate issue: Can the update checking frequency be turned back into a number please? I now only have presets for 3 or 6 hours… what if I want to use 2 or 4?

Have you tried with a different theme?

Just tried Adwaita which IIRC is the official GTK theme. Exact same problem with it too.

I’d note that I have no issues with other GTK applications: Everything renders fine in those on any theme. It must be something in the recent Pamac update, though if so others should be seeing this too.

Found the culprit: Had to uninstall gtk3-nocsd. Of course it now disables the KWin titlebar and renders that ugly one, but at least the text issue is gone. I’ll put up with GTK’s CSD for now as it’s no big deal.

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