New to Linux and Manjaro - Tips

Hi! I am new to both Linux and Manjaro. Are there any tips or resources that will make the transition easier? Thanks!

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And, of course, there’s also the Manjaro Wiki and the Arch Wiki. :wink:


My tip: enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Don’t give up! It might seem hard, but it’s worth it!!!

Best tips I can give are always read the announcement thread’s before updating, keep an upto date live usb and take regular backups. Linux is pretty robust and you can fix just about anything with a live usb/manjaro chroot and if all else fails you can restore a backup

If your favorite Windows applications aren’t available on Linux, this may help:


It is also a good idea to read Linux books avalaible in the internet.
Search for linux bokks pdf or similar.
I also recommend reading the Frebsd book:

You can also try to use Gentoo Linux.

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This is bound to make you appreciative of the easier distros. :grin::wink:

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I admit: Gentoo is for Linux enthusiasts.

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Checkout these Manjaro posts:

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Before you start making things work better :face_with_hand_over_mouth: first back up that file.
For example:
and burn ISO just in case your improvements gone terrible wrong. We all improve something all the time, so it’s nothing unusual, and it’s part of learning :slight_smile:

Btw, if some day you want to mix different desktop environments or something, virtual machine (VM) will be perfect for this :slight_smile:

Using meld can be useful from time to time (.pacnew files etc).

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If you are not new to Linux but just new to Manjaro, I would as already suggested learn to do system backups with TimeShift to be able to restore the system to a previous state in case you mess something, and I would also learn to chroot your system from a live USB environment to learn how to do maintenance operation on your real system from the live environment.

These are two things that every user should learn to always have a solution in case you have an issue. The Manjaro WIKI is a good place for information.

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This could be a good place to start:

The author also compiled a cheat sheet.

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All I could share that may be useful is my notes on porting the home directory from other distributions. Since you’re new to Linux in general though (welcome BTW) that’s of little relevance here.

A tip I can offer though is to go for the KDE desktop if you’re coming from Windows; It’s not just the most modern one (in my opinion) but also very customizable, thus you can make it look and feel just like Win and barely notice the change… even its default configuration is very friendly to Win users.

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