Linux books and other guide recommendations

For someone who wants to learn Linux, there are many books available. Such as the Linux bible which can be bought for $100, but what materials or learning paths would you recommend?

Honestly? Learning by doing. Not reading books(I normally love reading books), just practice. I made the way: I was serveradmin for a gaming clan and years after I started using Ubuntu and then I went to Manjaro stable and now I’m at Manjaro testing.
But that’s because of the fact, that I’m probably one of those people who first tries out sudo rm -rf / and then finds out, that it’s not a good idea.

But I may say: It depends a bit what you want to learn, for which purpose and at which level.

Of course, I’m also going to need exercises and step-by-step instructions that I can repeat.

My recommendation would be “the linux command line” by William Shotts. The author describes the system very well and has plenty of practical examples. Further advantage he makes his book available as free pdf.

Free information is always good, but this is so good I’m still tempted of buying a hard copy.

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  • Linux Foundation offers a free course through edx, Introduction to Linux (LFS101)

  • @alchemix online book recommendation.

    • As you are working through the book online or the class, you might like to visit the unofficial Bash FAQ or one of the GNU manuals.
  • Most programs and/or desktops have a home site with documentation and maybe some tutorials, as do distributions.

  • Learn to use the man command.

A problem with the more generalized books for linux is that they are specific to a distribution, the material is quickly outdated, and most of it is online already.

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To be more precise, I’m looking for guidance or ‘direction’. I need to be told what to do and how. Because I can’t ask for something if I don’t know if it exists.

Did you look at the links that have been provided in the answers? I would consider all of them very good starting points, they were at least when i was a complete noob. Nowadays you might also use youtube to find a good introduction.