New KDE features not available from v.5.21.3


There are some posts in the internet pointing that the KDE 5.21 is going to have the new features as indicated below, but besides I made the last system upgrade from 18/mar (Manjaro KDE Stable) and KDE is currently in the version 5.21.3 those features are still not available, is this intentional from Manjaro Team?

New System Monitor - Plasma System Monitor app replaces KSysGuard app

New Firewall Settings - Gui integrated into system setting - See attached picture

Install plasma-systemmonitor and run it.

Install plasma-firewall and either ufw or firewalld , then enable the service for it:
ufw = ufw.service
firewalld = firewalld.service

Then go to System Settings → Firewall.


Sorry if I didn’t mention, and for sure Linux can be modified as deep as any user want, but my questions was more related to the features being available as default from Manjaro installation or updates.

Usually default features change on new installs when the ISOs are changed, but not so much on an existing system to avoid unwanted changes for the individual user.

As an example the change from Octopi to Pamac as the default GUI for package management was not forced on the users.

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The problem is that when I want to remove KSysGuard the system launch an alert, and also it wamts to uninstall plasma-systemmonitor:

Warning: plasma-workspace optionally requires ksysguard: data sources for the system monitor applets

That’s because Plasma System Monitor is built on top of KSysGuard, so it needs that dependency.

No need to remove ksysguard, you can run them side by side if you like…

We don’t change users installations and add new apps without their willing. Feel free to install the new applications on your own.


Thank for all replies. so if I understood well:

Current installation: New features are not introduced troughs update, so user needs to install them manually. OK

New installations: New features might be introduced in new installation files ISO, it depends from developers decision for sure.

The new Manjaro Stable installation became available mar/18, so the new Stable ISO file has those new features available as default on it? I didn’t saw any mention of them in the announcements, is there any place I can check about new features being included in the new ISO files?

Basically you can follow things from here Commits · master · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab for the ISO profiles.

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Why KSysGuard doesn’t show me Internet graph, while at the same time plasma-systemmonitor shows upload and download?

I’m not sure what you mean.

Plasma System Monitor is using multiple tools in the system to collect information. Ksysguard is one of the tools used to collect information in Plasma System Monitor.

Plasma System Monitor is a new, more advanced, monitoring tool.

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