GUI or any other place to show news features available but not installed after updates


Some weeks ago I post a thread related to some new features released for KDE 5.21.3 but when this update became available for manjaro stable and I intalled it, the new feature was not available by default. And in the thread philm said: “We don’t change users installations and add new apps without their willing. Feel free to install the new applications on your own.” Below the related post.

Well, in windows, for benchmark purpose. when a new feature is introduced and you update the system it became available by default. So I was expecting a Linux distribution doing the same, mainly a Rolling release once but it’s not.

My suggestion, base on philm answer, is that if it would be possible to create a kind of GUI or other place in the system, like Manjaro Hello, Software update, or other, indicating all the new features introduced with the updated but not enabled by default. In addition, would be nice to have an indication how they could be enabled (check box or command line). This proposal could be a very good quality of life feature because maybe there are a lot of other features available after each update that I’m not aware about and in general the announcement don’t bring all details. So, considering the effort the developer put to create new feature It would be very welcome to find a easy way to identify them and to enable them in current user installation, it also could make easy the transition in case a new fresh installation is needed from the latest ISO available.

If the user enable the new feature it could be removed from the list as it’s done when a update is installed, so it’s removed from update list until new update is available.