Networking no longer working and now nvidia problems

I did a update to all of the apps in add/remove software a few days ago. After reboot, my 10 Gb NIC is no longer working correctly. I tried both the 5.16.5-1 kernel and the 5.15.19-1 kernels and neither one is able to solve this problem.

lspci and Manjaro Settings Manager still sees my dual port card: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries NetXtreme II BCM57711 10-Gigabit PCIe.

When I look in Network Connections, it only shows one port available and it does not give me the option to configure the other port as it shows cable unplugged. The weird part is sometimes when I reboot my system, the port that previously was reported as cable unplugged will work and the other port will show cable unplugged for no reason.

To solve this issue, I built what I thought were the modules for my network card in add/remove software. That build a new kernel. Now the nvidia drives wont build correctly with that kernel. If I remove the nvidia drivers, the free driver kicks in, but I cannot left click with my mouse.

I am looking for ideas on where to go next.

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If you have NetXtreme II you probably have to install
pamac install linux-firmware-bnx2x
according to the latest stable update announcement.